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Have you been digging around in your basement or attic? Did you find a box or boxes full of videos? Whether moving to a new house or clearing out a relative’s property, people often discover videotapes in those spaces. Of course, the first thing you are going to want to do is to find out what is on them. This is where problems can arise. How are you going to watch all those old home movies? As you blow off the dust that covers each surface, you are probably wondering where the old VCR went. Then, you remember that you consigned it to the trash years ago after you switched to Blu-ray. You’re also probably wishing now that you knew a quick and easy way to transfer VHS to DVD in Denver.

The Problems of Deterioration

If you’re standing and looking at crates of old videotapes, you’re probably wondering how long they’re going to last. Unfortunately, the answer is “not long.” The chemical makeup of videotapes means that they degrade over time. From the moment they were first recorded, they have been slowly deteriorating. The pictures and sounds on each tape are made from iron oxide. Over time, this slowly separates from its plastic substrate. This occurs because the binders used in producing videotapes can’t cope with temperature changes. They are also badly affected by humidity. Even a low moisture level can seep into the iron oxide. Once separation has occurred, you cannot reverse it. This means you can no longer watch the home videos. You have lost all those memories.

Is the Answer to Transfer VHS To DVD in Denver?

If you transfer the contents of your videotapes to DVD or digital files, you can prevent further loss of data. This does not just make it easy for you to watch old films. It also preserves them for future generations to enjoy. When you transfer VHS to digital in Denver, you can be confident that you have saved all those precious memories. You will never need to worry about damage, fire, flood or loss.

Getting Organized

If you have just found several boxes of videotapes, it is time to organize them. The initial step you need to take is to make an inventory. This is something you need to do before you can digitize those memories. Index the tapes, whatever format they are in. Some collections may have tapes in several formats, such as MiniDV, Super 8 or U-Matic. You’ll need to make sure you know precisely what you’ve got so you can find the right digitization service.

Finding A Company to Convert VHS to Digital in Denver

There are several companies now available that can transfer VHS to digital in Denver. However, not all can offer the same services. Some can only transfer VHS to DVD, while others can transfer other forms of video. Some can transfer to both DVDs and digital formats. It is important to do your research properly to ensure you have chosen a company to meet your needs.

This is especially important if you have video footage in several format types. You need to find a company that can convert all the formats you have to DVD or digital. The good news is that Reborn can help you out. As professionals in the industry, we are reliable and guarantee high-quality conversions. You can depend on us to transfer VHS to DVD in Denver or to convert your home movies to digital. We have cutting-edge equipment that ensures a seamless and smooth conversion. We can preserve your precious memories for future generations to enjoy. Even better, we can preserve them in a format that you can easily share and view.

Making Copies

Once you’ve converted your home videos to a digital format, you should still make more copies. Digital copies won’t degrade or deteriorate over time. But they could be accidentally lost. A hard drive may break down or you may lose a flash drive or a DVD. And, then, you have lost all those important family moments. 

You should consider creating a minimum of three copies of each video. You can do this by creating DVDs or flash drives, by using an external hard drive or using the Cloud.

Here at Reborn, we’re proud to help families in Denver to preserve their videotaped memories. We specialize in digitizing your videotapes, whatever their format. Whether you have a collection of MiniDVs or Super 8 movies, we can help you out. Remember to act quickly though. All videotapes will have a short shelf life. To make sure you preserve your family heritage for the next generation to enjoy, you need to convert those videos. Digitize them and back them up today for your peace of mind.