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Videotape to DVD is the flagship product line for Reborn Audio/Video followed closely by 8mm Film to DVD! Whether recorded through video cameras, camcorders or TV, converting videotape to digital (Videotape to DVD, Videotape to Hard Drive, Videotape to Cloud, Videotape to mp4, etc) brings memories back to life in a format that can be used again – for generations. Each tape is inspected and prepared for conversion, basic light and color restored where needed, framed for today’s television and computer displays, and menus are created for the DVD if that is your choice. Reborn Audio Video is locally owned and operated – all work is done in the media lab at 2715 S. Colorado Blvd in Denver. While many customers do ship their conversion projects to us – the work never leaves our shop once you get it to me. Trained technicians using studio grade equipment convert your Videotape to DVD (or other destination) so your most important moments are preserved and protected in the safest and best possible environment. Call me, Jamey – president and founder of Reborn Audio Video if you have any questions about why it is important to convert your Videotape to DVD and how we do it in my shop using studio grade equipment, software, DVDs, and more. We have converted 10’s of thousands of videotapes – let us help you, too. Pricing: see the Video Tape Pricing Schedule All of the most popular Camcorder to DVD options are welcome here at Reborn Audio/Video, including: