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Convert VHS to DVD, 8mm Film to DVD,  Scan Slides to DVD, and all videotape to DVD at Reborn Audio Video, your one-stop shop for all digital conversion. We use high-quality equipment, archival quality DVDs, and take conscientious care of all of your videotapes and other media – and it never leaves our shop on Colorado Blvd.

Due to tape degradation over time and the dwindling supply of VHS players, the time is running out for videotape – unless it is converted from VHS to Digital or DVD soon. Other formats include external hard drive, .mp4, .fv4, .avi, .wmv, QuickTime, and more. 

NOTE: we also convert video on iPhone to DVD, smartphone to DVD, and more – click here.

Why Convert VHS to DVD now?

Please see our chain of blog discussions about the need for videotape to DVD conversion which covers the options on the left side of your screen. See How to Convert VHS to DVD to start learning more about converting VHS to DVD the right way.

Reborn Audio Video supports all forms of VHS to DVD transfer

Reborn Audio Video converts VHS to DVD in all of its forms, including:

  • Super VHS to DVD (SVHS)
  • VHS PAL to DVD
  • VHS Extended Play to DVD
  • VHS Long Play to DVD
  • VHS Standard Play to DVD (this is the “regular” VHS format)
  • VHS–C to DVD (click here to see the VHS-C page)

How much does it cost to transfer VHS to DVD?

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  2. Just drop by our store
  3. Click here to see the Videotape to DVD Pricing Schedule

Want to Transfer VCR to DVD? Which Blank DVDs Are Best?

By Jamey Nordby - December 22, 2019

Lots of people are beginning to recognize that they should transfer family videos onto DVDs. Some people have transferred home movies onto DVDs already. Unfortunately, they sometimes find that the discs are of poor quality. This means that their precious footage ends up deteriorating more quickly than they imagined. Therefore, if you want to transfer data from VCR to DVD, you should find out which blank DVD is best. 

Aren’t All DVDs Good Quality?

The worrying news is that more than 50 percent of media found in major stores are of poor quality. Even if you buy a brand with a reputable name or one that’s expensive, there’s no guarantee it’s high quality. Media available in stores are not always reliable. If you treat them carefully, those inferior discs might last a decade. After that time, the adhesives and dye will begin to break down. This will spoil the data and make the discs unplayable. For this reason, the best recommendation would be to use archival media rated to survive for decades. If you buy a poor-quality disc, it will just waste your money, your time, and, ultimately, your memories.

Using Archival-Grade Media

When you’re transferring your important data, such as scanned photos and home movies, you should use archival-grade media. This will guarantee the best possible storage for your vital memories. Discs should have a rating for more than a century. This will ensure your data stay safe. It’ll also allow you to preserve those family moments not only for your lifetime but for future generations to watch.

What About Gold Discs?

You might have heard about gold DVDs. These may sound as if they’re a good idea – after all, gold sounds like it must be of high quality! Yet, there are a few things you should know about gold DVDs. Gold DVDs have a lower reflectivity when compared with regular dye DVDs. This means there will be more disc write and read errors. There are also other issues regarding compatibility. Some gold discs have a lower successful burn rate. That means, if you’re planning to transfer media yourself, you should avoid these types of DVDs.

Using Professional Services

It can be a minefield transferring files to DVD yourself. Many of the DVDs you can buy in stores aren’t of sufficiently high quality to preserve your files safely. That means you could lose your precious footage forever, which would be a disaster.
The best solution is, therefore, to use a professional conversion service. You can, then, be sure that the service will use the best quality media to store your transferred data. When you use Reborn’s expert service to transfer VCR to DVD, you can be confident your media is safe. We use only the highest quality discs to store your files. That means you’ll be able to watch your old home movies again and again. You’ll also be able to rest assured that we will preserve your memories for many more years to come.

If My Tapes Are Broken Can I Still Transfer VCR to DVD?

By Jamey Nordby - September 29, 2019

If My Tapes Are Broken Can I Still Transfer VCR to DVD?

Perhaps you remember the excitement of the early days of video. You remember the thrill of going to the rental store to choose a movie for the whole family to watch. You liked the revolutionary idea of being able to record one TV program while watching another. What about the wonder of being able to watch your favorite episode over and over again whenever you wanted? If you’re from Generation X, you’ll have fond memories of building up an extensive collection of tapes. You’ll also remember the distress of finding that the VCR had chewed up one of your favorite tapes. Videotapes were surprisingly fragile, and all too often, they ended up broken. So, if you have damaged tapes can you still transfer a VCR tape to a DVD with the latest techniques?

The Broken Tape Problems

Do you have boxes of old damaged videotapes at home? When our much-loved tapes broke, we often simply put them back in their boxes and stored them away. However, we knew we wouldn’t be able to watch them again. Now, times have changed. These days, it’s possible to fix a broken VCR tape and, then, transfer it to digital media. It’s never been easier to relive those happy days of the 1980s and ’90s!

You Can Repair Commercial and Home Videos

Whether you bought your damaged tapes from a store or produced them at home, you can still usually repair them. You may want to watch your favorite episode of a long-lost show so obscure you can’t find it online. You may want to relive the precious memories of an old family vacation or wedding. Here at Reborn, we are experts at restoring and repairing old video cassettes. Regardless of the format, we can almost always successfully transfer your tapes after fixing them.

Transfer To DVD

Even if we fix your old VCR tapes, you might not be able to watch them anymore. Most of us got rid of our old VCR players years ago. There’s a solution to that problem. Are you desperate to watch a home movie or relive the magic of a TV show from the early 1990s? We can help. Not only can we repair your damaged tapes, but we’ll also, then, transfer them to DVD. That means you’ll be able to watch your old tapes over and over again. It’s just as exciting as it was the first time round!

When we transfer a VCR tape to a DVD, you’ll have a long-lasting digital record of the past. You’ll simply be able to pop your DVD into your player or laptop and watch to your heart’s content. If you want to recapture the excitement of the 1980s and ’90s, we can help. Our friendly, skilled team can help you relive the good old days. With our cutting-edge conversion service, we’ll turn even your damaged old VCR tapes into DVDs. Contact Reborn now and start enjoying all those old broken tapes you thought were gone forever!

Convert miniDV Videotape to Digital

Convert miniDV to mp4, mov, avi

By Jamey Nordby - September 12, 2018

Like everybody else, you want to watch your videos again!

Fortunately, videotape to digital, videotape to dvd, specifically miniDV to Digital are all available and affordable!

This hi quality videocamera tape has superior quality to its predecessors VHS, VHS-C, and HI8. You can expect a very high quality in most cases that can be shared on the cloud via Youtube, Dropbox, etc. You can also use external hard drives and USB sticks depending on your needs. 

Hi quality playback equipment is critical in order to produce the best quality in your digital video. The professional DV player decks are the best options.