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VHS to Digital - While You Still Can

Convert VHS to Digital, 8mm Film to Digital,  Scan Slides to Digital, and all videotape to Digital at Reborn Audio Video, your one stop shop for all digital conversion. Whether you need archival quality digital conversion of your videotape, or want to load it to the Cloud, Reborn Audio Video is the answer – and it never leaves my shop.

Choose between Quicktime, AVI, .mp4, or any of today's popular video formats. Mp4 especially is virtually universal and can be watched on most devices: computer (Mac or Windows), smartphones, iPads, laptops and more. When you digitize VHS, you can also share your videos anywhere that has internet. Through email, through the cloud, through text, through Youtube and more. No more disc in the mail, let alone tapes.

Digital files are delivered via external hard drive, USB drive, or even via the cloud. I have a copy of all of my files in the cloud AND on two external hard drives just to be sure.

VHS tape players are no longer manufactured, so the time to be able to convert these tapes is limited. When there are no more players - there will be no more conversions, regardless of normal deterioration.

Reborn Audio Video Supports All Forms of VHS to Digital Conversion

Reborn Audio Video converts VHS to Digital in all of its forms, including:

  • Super VHS to Digital (SVHS) - this format requires a special player and will not play on a regular VHS deck. SVHS decks, however, can play standard VHS tapes.
  • VHS Extended Play to Digital - EP means that the tape can have more than 4 hours, up to 6 or even 8 hours of video.
  • VHS Long Play to Digital - LP means that the tape can have up to 4 hours of video
  • VHS Standard Play to Digital - this is the “regular” VHS format that supports up to 2 hours
  • VHS–C to Digital (click here to visit the VHS-C page)

Don't be fooled by the time rating on the VHS tape package. It is a setting on the camera (if it has the capability) to play EP, LP or standard. The only way to tell how a tape was recorded is to play it. VHS-C uses the same tape that other VHS formats use, but in a compact case about 1/3 of the size. VHS-C can be played in the same players as a VHS tape, but require its own camera to record and an adapter to play. For more detailed information, read "Unlock the Time Capsule".

Pricing and Service

My goal is to provide very competitive pricing PLUS personal one-on-one service. For pricing, click: HERE.

Digitize VHS – Next Steps:

  1. Call or text Jamey (About Jamey) at 720 204-5464
  2. Set an appointment (every project receives my individual attention)
  3. Drop off your tapes (and records, cassettes, slides, or negatives, too)

In a week or less, pick up your new digitized VHS (and other stuff, too).