Reborn Audio Video – Jamey Nordby

VHS to DVD conversion

When you Digitize - Talk to the Person Doing the Work!

I have been digitizing memories for over 25 years, professionally since 2013. My Computer Science degree has been very useful in my software career followed by executive management and now the digital conversion industry.

Reborn Audio Video launched more than a decade ago, started and run by me and my young family (at the time!) Over the years, I’ve automated and expanded my technology (as the kids grew up) and I now run the business on my own. Yup - I am the only one who touches your memories.

One-on-one personal attention to your project, 100% completed locally, using solid equipment and processes to give you the best digitizing experience possible at a very affordable price - that is what makes working with me different.

The business name comes from my father’s business, ‘Reborn Bugs”, a Volkswagen restoration business in Colorado Springs in the 80s and 90s. I guess we are still restoring things! Now, intstead of wrenches and screwdrivers, I maintain a complete digital conversion lab with more than 40 computers, scanners, cameras and players - and I have more than a decade of professional experience using them.

I am one of the leading digital conversion companies in the Denver Metro area and I’d love the chance to do your digitizing. I have converted film from the 20’s, photos from the 1800s, and more videotape and cassettes than I can count.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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