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Film to DVD – Keys to a Successful Conversion to DVD/Digital

Your priceless film must be cared for properly and the transfer done with the correct process in order for your reborn home movies to be their very best. 

  1. Insist on the very finest equipment! Today’s technology includes custom made machines that:? 
    A) Do not use the delicate sprockets on your film – insist on Zero Image Contact area. No sprockets, claws, or pinch rollers should touch your film – to prevent damage by design. Aging, brittle film, is very delicate and must be treated with the utmost care. 
    B)  They are designed to be used for professional film to DVD projects – not just home use.
    C) Automatic exposure adjustment is included in every scan.
    D) Today, solid state capture equipment insures that you get the highest quality film transfer possible.
  2. Every frame of every reel in a film to DVD project must be thoroughly cleaned. This requires microfiber cleaning cloths and antistatic cleaner designed specifically for 8mm Film to DVD and 16mm Film to DVD projects.
  3. When converting Film to DVD, every frame must be captured – not a percentage of them. Furthermore, each frame needs to be scanned for the best quality, not projected into another camera. Don’t be fooled by projector-based capture when every frame is needed for a true transfer from film to digital.
  4. Most film color fades over time. Moreover, not every film was originally taken with the best lighting and exposure. Insist on color and exposure correction to be included in the price that you pay. This includes both capture-based and post capture editing correction for back lighting and color. 
  5. Leader and unexposed film at the beginning and end of each reel (every 50 feet for 8mm Film to DVD and every 100 feet for 16mm Film to DVD), needs to be removed electronically after the scan so that you have the cleanest version possible of your final project. 
  6. Your film deserves basic custom menus and scenes included in the basic price for that professional transfer look and feel. You may also want the option of creating custom menus for your project. 
  7. Depending on your needs, you need the choice between SD and DH video.

8mm Film to DVD

Reborn Audio Video supports the transfer of 8mm Film to DVD.

16mm Film to DVD

Reborn Audio Video supports the transfer of 16mm Film to DVD.

Super 8 Film to DVD

Reborn Audio Video supports the transfer of Super 8 Film to DVD.

How much does it cost to transfer Film to DVD?

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