Convert DVCam to Digital - Before it Deteriorates

The time to convert DVCam is: ASAP! So many people hurry up and digitize their DVCam as soon as it starts to have problems. That is too late! Since the data on a DVCam tape is digital, once the tape is damaged or just plain worn out, it cannot be recovered. If you want to preserve the video just the way it was taken, convert it to digital as soon as possible. Sooner or later, there will be no more cameras or decks to play these tapes, leaving two choices: convert to digital now or throw them out later.

DVCam is the professional version of miniDV. It is a larger format, recorded on professional equipment, and outstanding digital quality. Unfortunately, it is still magnetic tape. Like all magnetic tape, deterioration and lack of machines to play them are the major drawbacks.

Share Digital DVCam Easily

My customers have 2 primary reasons for converting their videotape to digital:

  1. They just want to watch them again and no longer have the machines to do so
  2. They want to share them with friends and family - who were probably featured on the video

It is practically impossible to share a DVCam or other videotape. Either a single tape must be delivered to the other users one at a time, or the tape must be duplicated. The first option takes time and money and is dependent on how many people are on the list and where they live. It also requires that everybody has equipment to play or the player itself must be shipped. The second option requires that you have the equipment to duplicate tapes AND everybody on the list has the equipment to play.

Compare that with sharing digitized videotape:

  1. the video is in a file format that can be shared via email, the cloud, or via USB or similar.
  2. it can be shared to many people at one time
  3. It can be played on virtually all of today's devices: Mac, Windows, smartphone, tablets, etc.
  4. The only requirement is email, internet and a device (that almost everybody has already)

I think that you can see the immense benefits of digital conversion when it comes to sharing with your friends.

For some people, DVD is still the preferred method for viewing video. See “The Top 5 Reasons for Converting Video Tape to DVD” to understand the risk inherent with DVCam video tape. DVCam to DVD by Reborn Audio/Video preserves the DVCam video in digital for safety, portability, and distribution.


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Digitize DVCam – Next Steps:

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  2. Set an appointment (every project receives my individual attention)
  3. Drop off your tapes (and records, cassettes, slides, or negatives, too)

In a week or less, pick up your new digitized DVCam(and other stuff, too).