Local, Fast, Personal Service AND Great Prices

My pricing goal is to offer very competitive price PLUS one-on-one personal, local service!

Convert to Digital (mp4/mp3 - USB or Hard Drive)
Videotape (VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, miniDV, DVCam) $25 per tape
Cassette $25 per cassette
DVD $25 per disc
Record $25 per record
DAT Tapes $30 per tape
Film (8mm & 16mm) 30 cents per foot
Photos, Slides, Negatives 30 cents per image
Upgrade videotape or DVD to 2K $5 per tape
Videotape over 2 hours $5 per hour
Cassette over 78 minutes $5 per tape
Tracks for Records or Cassettes $1 per track
Upgrade Film to 2K 5 centes per foot
Upgrade photos to 3600 dpi 5 centes per image
CD/DVD rather than Digital add 25%
Both digital AND disc add $10 per item
10 Tapes, Cassettes, DVDs, Records, or combo 10%
20 Tapes, Cassettes, DVDs, Records, or combo 15%
20 Tapes, Cassettes, DVDs, Records, or combo 20%
USBs, Hard Drives
Digital orders will be deliviered on a USB, which will be sized according to the volume of video/audio. Hard drives are used for larger projects or by request