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Convert Digital8 to Digital

Also see Hi8 to Digital for more on the Digital8, Hi8, and Video8 family of videotapes. On the outside, these 3 types of tape look exactly the same from the outside and is only the video and audio formats on the tapes themselves that are different. Of course, each requires its own camera and/or players, BUT many models are backwards compatable. This means that Digital8 equipment can play Hi8 and Video8; Hi8 equipment can play Hi8 and Video8, and Video8 can only play Video8. But the reverse is not true.

Digitize Digital8 Before It's Too Late

DIgital8 has excellent quality, in fact, it is the same format used in the later miniDV videotape family. However, it doesn't matter that it is digital when it comes to the deterioration and fragile nature of magnetic tape. Every time they are played, they wear a little. Magnetic fields close by are dangerous. Videotape will degrade over time, just like anything else. Tapes can be lost, stepped on, eaten by the dog (no joke) - and there is no backup. Converting Hi8 to Digital eliminates all of these risks.

Benefits of Converting Videotape

  1. Can be backed up at very low cost - eliminating the risk of loss
  2. It can't be stepped on - at least the backup can't
  3. It won't degrade over time
  4. It can be shared through the internet
  5. It can be edited
  6. Oh - and it can be watched on all of your devices - Mac, Windows, tablets, smartphones, laptops, smart TV and more.

Reborn Audio/Video offers a complete line of Hi8 to Digital, Digital 8 to Digital, and Video8 to Digital conversion services. It is often impossible to tell which one of these you might have. Fortunately, we have top-of-the-line equipment for all three options.

Convert Digital8 to Digital – Next Steps:

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  2. Set an appointment (every project receives my individual attention)
  3. Drop off your tapes (and records, cassettes, slides, or negatives, too)
  4. In a week or less, pick up your new digitized DVCam(and other stuff, too) Check Pricing!