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Reborn Audio/Video offers a complete line of Hi8 to DVD, Digital 8 to DVD, and Video8 to DVD conversion services. It is often impossible to tell which one of these you might have. Fortunately, we have top-of-the-line equipment for all three options.

This family of 8mm video tapes were (and are!) very popular. They allowed a much smaller format, smaller camera, and higher quality compared to VHS. Unfortunately, they have the same root problem as VHS – they are magnetic tape. See The Top 5 Reasons for Converting Video Tape to DVD.

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What Can I Do After I Convert Digital 8 Film to Digital?

By Jamey Nordby - October 18, 2019

More people than ever before are converting their old home movies to a digital format. If you are thinking of taking this course of action yourself, you might be wondering what the benefits are. What can you do after you convert digital 8 film to digital?

Choosing to transfer old media into a digital file is a wise decision. It is also a great way to preserve your memories. A videotape was not supposed to have a long lifespan. Over time, it deteriorates. This decreases the quality of the sound and images. It also puts your precious memories at a significant risk of being destroyed. If you convert your old videotapes to a digital format, you eradicate this problem. Even better, your new file format gives you a huge scope of possibilities.

No Need to Worry

If you have saved all your home movie tapes without digitizing their content, many things could go wrong. Flooding, a heatwave or unexpected humidity could permanently damage your old media. When you digitize those memories, you will never need to worry again about losing that media.

Enjoy the Space

Have you had boxes of old videotapes or film reels cluttering up your basement or attic? When you go digital, you are sure to appreciate the space you’ve freed up. You can use the valuable room to store other essential items. You could even save enough space to turn your basement into a game room or your attic into an office!

Share and Send

One of the best things about digitizing your old videos is you can share them with anyone. Who doesn’t love looking at old home movies? They are an excellent addition to any family function or celebration. Are you commemorating an anniversary? An old wedding video is sure to add extra emotion to the event. Are you celebrating a special milestone birthday? Old videos of the birthday boy or girl as a child are sure to bring even more to the occasion. Digitization makes sharing a breeze. You can send the digital files via your smartphone or laptop to anyone at any time. Use e-mail or even upload videos to social media. It has never been easier to remember those precious times!

Getting Creative

Now that you have preserved your memories in a versatile format, feel free to get as creative as you like. Why not start a family blog or website so future generations can enjoy those important occasions of the past? Or, why not make a digital scrapbook? You could even gift a DVD of a special home movie as a beautiful Christmas or birthday present. There are so many wonderful things you can do that the possibilities seem endless!

Are you ready to convert digital 8 film to digital? If yes, then contact Reborn today. We’re your top choice for a conversion company in Denver. We’ll help you to digitize your all-important family memories so a whole new generation can enjoy them!


Convert miniDV Videotape to Digital

Convert miniDV to mp4, mov, avi

By Jamey Nordby - September 12, 2018

Like everybody else, you want to watch your videos again!

Fortunately, videotape to digital, videotape to dvd, specifically miniDV to Digital are all available and affordable!

This hi quality videocamera tape has superior quality to its predecessors VHS, VHS-C, and HI8. You can expect a very high quality in most cases that can be shared on the cloud via Youtube, Dropbox, etc. You can also use external hard drives and USB sticks depending on your needs. 

Hi quality playback equipment is critical in order to produce the best quality in your digital video. The professional DV player decks are the best options.


miniDV to Digital

videotape to digital is the most flexible option for today's video

By Jamey Nordby - August 1, 2018

MiniDV is a great video format. It is high quality, small format and easily convertible to digital. Digital, as opposed to DVD, gives you the most flexibility to play on multiple computer platforms, backup to hard drives or cloud services, and share easily with friends. 

When it is time to convert miniDV to dgitial - choose a format that works best - and longest.

VHS to Digital overtaking VHS to DVD !

8mm Film to Digital is also growing

By Jamey Nordby - August 1, 2018

5 years ago, nearlyl 90% of videtape conversions were VHS to DVD. Now nearly 50% of all videotape conversions are VHS to Digital

As more and more consumers become comfortable wtih digital tehnology, converting VHS to mp4, quicktime, or AVI is growing rapidly. While DVD's are still popular, digital formats for a computer are 1) editable 2) sharable and 3) easy to backup.

If editing is desired - DVD is NOT the way to go. What is needed is a format that today's video editing programs support. 

If sharing is desired - DVD is NOT the way to go. What is needed is a format that can be shared via dropbox, youtube, email, etc.

If backup is desired - DVD is NOT the way to go. Backup for DVD is simply making more copies. This does not prevent DVD technology from becoming obsolete - you just have more copies of old technology. What is needed is a format that can be included in normal backup and cloud backup systems. 

DVDs are a fading technology. While still useful, DVD will not be here in 50 years. Digital, even if it changes formats, will be around as long as computers are around. 

Videotape to Digital - convert it or toss it!

VHS to Digital, Hi8 to Digital, miniDV to Digital - - convert it, throw it away or pay next year's prices

By Jamey Nordby - July 30, 2018

The choice may not be easy, but it is simple. All videotape degrades with age. From climate, accidents, tape players eating the tape, flooding - we've seen it all. When it comes to figuring out what to do - converting videotape to digital comes down to: 1.) convert it today, 2) throw it away, and 3) convert it later at future prices.

Choice #1 can put this task behind you forever - whether it is videotape to DVD or videotape to digital - once this is done - you never have to do it again! You can watch your files on TV, computer, upload them to the cloud, share them via youtube,  usb, etc. 
Choice #2 means that you throw away all memories on VHS, Hi8, or miniDV videotape - forever. The upside - you clean up storage and it is cheaper. The downside is you no loger have the memories or the choice to see them again - forever.
Choice #3 is a decision to store the tapes longer - and maybe lose them to the dangers listed above - and pay tomorrow's prices, afterwich you revist Choice #1 and Choice #2 in the future.