Your Guide to Videotape Decay and Why Converting Tapes to DVD in Denver Is the Answer

Unfortunately, videotapes degrade and deteriorate over time. No matter how well you store them or how carefully you handle them, deterioration will occur. Videotapes weren’t really designed for long-term storage. The magnetic tape can start to deteriorate just five years after you make a recording. If you want to protect your precious home movies, the answer lies in converting tapes to DVD in Denver.

Some people don’t realize the urgency of digitizing their old videotapes. They leave their movies in the attic or basement for years. Unfortunately, if they leave them there too long, they will decay, and people will lose them forever. If you want to be sure future generations can enjoy those films, convert your film to DVD now.

What Are the Causes of Videotape Deterioration?

There are five causes of videotape deterioration:

1. Demagnetization

This process removes the magnetic charge from the videotape. The magnetic particles store the information on the videotape. If they get within close proximity to a magnet or exposed to high temperatures, the particles will become demagnetized. This will severely affect the transfer quality of the videotape.

2. Humidity

Videotapes have a binder layer. This directly contacts the videotape player during use. Unfortunately, the binder layer may absorb water. This results in a phenomenon called “sticky shed syndrome.” The tape will become unplayable. It can also damage the video player should you try to play a videotape with this problem. Humidity will also promote the growth of fungus. Since outside particles will cause the tapes to lose the information, the fungus can be very damaging. It is vital to get the fungus professionally cleaned off the tapes before you try to play them.

3. Remanence Decay

Over time, the magnetic particles lose their charge. This causes the film color to become weaker. The digitally transferred copy will, therefore, have poor color quality.

4. Frequent Use

Each time you play the videotape, there will be some level of quality loss. Although at first, you won’t notice it, over time, the video will have an obviously poorer quality. The less often you play a videotape, the better its quality will be.

5. Old Machinery

If machinery is old or poorly maintained, dirt and dust will accumulate. The result will be wear and tear and scratches on the tape’s binder layer. It might even lose its magnetic charge. As a result, you could lose the information on the tape.

Caring for Videotapes to Slow Down Their Decay Rat

  • Always store your videotapes in an environment that is cool (around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Store your videos in an environment that is dry and has a 30 percent to 40 percent humidity level.
  • Avoid any swings in humidity and temperature.
  • Store your videotapes in a dirt-free and dust-free, sealed container.

Converting tapes to DVD in Denver is the only true way to preserve home videos. Here at Reborn, our digitizing service will guarantee that we will preserve your precious memories forever.4477

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