Why Choose Reborn to Convert VHS to DVD or Digital?

Are you wondering which professional conversion service to use to convert VHS to DVD? Perhaps you’re even wondering whether using a professional service at all is worthwhile.

While your old VHS tapes contain fun-filled memories and home movie footage, they’re now virtually obsolete. New VHS releases stopped more than a decade ago, and manufacturers made the last VHS players in 2016. Since the introduction of DVDs, tapes have become seriously outdated, especially when you choose to convert VHS to Digital

Fortunately, here at Reborn, we have a solution to help you preserve those old VHS tapes. We offer a cutting-edge conversion service for customers right here in Denver and further afield. Whether you want to convert your VHS tapes to DVD, or digital format (mp4 on a USB), we can help. Read on to find out why you should choose for all of your audio and video conversion needs.

My VCR Still Works – Should I Bother to Convert VHS To DVD?

We tell our customers that converting VHS to DVD or digital makes sense, even if your VCR still works. If you still have a VCR at home, it won’t last forever. It will eventually stop working and is already almost impossible to repair. That’s why you should transfer VHS to DVD or digital now to preserve your irreplaceable memories.

Furthermore, videotapes degrade over time and won’t last forever. Our conversion service protects you from losing those meaningful recordings when your old technology wears out.

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Is It Worth Using a Professional Conversion Service to Convert VHS To DVD?

Some people think they can save money by converting their own tapes to DVD or digital format. That isn’t necessarily the case. You can cause more harm than good by trying to convert your own recordings to a newer format. The tapes themselves can be damaged by old, poorly maintained equipment. If the tapes are damaged beyond repair, the memories are permanently lost.

Even if you don’t damage your recordings, there are many reasons why using a professional conversion service is best. Converting VHS to DVD or digital format is a complicated and time-consuming process.  Finding and purchasing the right combination of converters, computer software and cabling can be overwhelming. Our converters cost several hundred dollars apiece and are somewhat complex to set up and use.. Even after purchasing and learning how to use conversion equipment, the professional preparation and care of the tapes can make a tremendous difference in the quality

With this in mind, it’s best to use a professional service like Reborn. Our high-quality professional conversion equipment our disposal in our Denver-based media lab is tested and reliable. Over the past decade, we have converted over 30,000 video tapes with outstanding results. We are truly a leader in Denver’s conversion industry.

Reborn Can Transfer VHS To DVD / Digital for Customers in Denver and Beyond

We make it a breeze to get your VHS to DVD or digital conversion. We serve customers right here in Denver, Colorado, from our centrally-located media lab. If you live near us, just pop along and drop off your tapes. Our location is easy to find and have plenty of convenient parking. If you don’t live nearby, there’s no need to worry! We also offer a mail and internet service for our customers living further afield. We can even accommodate customers from overseas with rapid turnaround times.

Convert VHS To DVD With Reborn and Enjoy Outstanding Quality

Reborn is a long-standing family business; and we take pride in our personal touch. We’re committed to delivering high-quality conversions for our customers, whether the conversion is to DVD or digital format. We set up our media lab in 2013, but we’ve been carrying out conversions since 2008. That means you can rely on us to know what we’re doing. We’ve built up a strong reputation for our reliability, trustworthiness, and excellent service. Personal care and attention are at the heart of everything we do. We know you want to receive your conversions quickly, so we offer a one-week turnaround service to meet your needs. All of our professional equipment is also of the highest quality. That means you can be sure that the conversions we produce will be excellent.

A One-Stop Shop for All Your Conversion Needs

Here at Reborn, we offer a one-stop conversion service to meet all your needs. We offer many different types of conversions, not only VHS to DVD. We convert all kinds of audio and video tapes to DVD, and digital formats likeMP3 and MP4. We even transfer slides, negatives, and more to updated formats. That means you can get all of your old recordings converted with ease.

We offer a speedy and efficient process with quality – an outstanding value for your money. Email or call with any questions or to get your conversion project started today.

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