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So often, we are asked of we ‘convert those little video tape things’ to DVD. Well, most likely the answer is YES! We convert the vast majority of all of the consumer and professional video tape options to DVD, Digital, Cloud, Hard Drive and more. Here is a partial list:

CONSUMER Level Video Tape to DVD

VHS to DVD – the most popular of all video tape conversions. VHS was the firsts consumer level video camera available and virtually everybody had access to one personally or through someone they know.

VHS-C to DVD – Still VHS tape, but in a smaller cartridge, using a smaller camera, but still playable in a VHS machine via an adapter.

Betamax to DVD – A precursor and competitor to VHS. Many argue that it is superior to VHS, but through market competition, VHS won out, although there is quite a lot of betamax still in people’s closets. 

Video8 to DVD – this video cassette is a little larger than the audio cassette that we are all familiar with. It holds as much play time as a Standard Play VHS, but in a fraction of the space, higher quality, and smaller cameras.

Hi8 to DVD – an upgraded version of Video8 in the same physical format

Digital 8 to DVD – same physical format as Hi8 and Video8 – but for the first time the data is stored in Digital format rather than analog – a precursor to the flash disk based cameras.

Mini DV to DVD – A dramatically smaller footprint than the Digital 8 video tape, higher quality, much smaller camera requirements. These tapes are still used by the last die-hards today. 


DVCam to DVD – This is the big brother to mini DV – a larger format, high capacity and professional level video cameras – also still used today.

Umatic to DVD – This is a much larger format used in TV production and professional level video production for movies, commercials, etc. this is in two different cassette sizes utilizing 3/4″ magnetic tape. 

Betacam to DVD – another 3/4″ tape format in two different cassete sizes used for the same purposes as umatic tape. 

So, whatever your video tape to DVD needs are, chances are that we have want you need!

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