Want to Convert Film to DVD? A Guide to Measuring the Footage

Are you looking for a way to convert film to a DVD so you can preserve precious family home movies? More of us are thinking about how we can keep old recordings and videotapes safe for future generations. A conversion company, such as Reborn, could be the answer you’ve been searching for. We can take the content from your tapes and transfer it to a DVD. This ensures you have preserved your memories before damage can occur to the tapes.

Over time, film reels deteriorate and become worn. This is because of environmental factors, such as heat, moisture, and dust. This causes the sound and image quality to fade away. Eventually, you will lose the images forever. If you haven’t digitized your old videotapes yet, it’s time to act. So, what do you need to do to prepare your tapes for the conversion process?

Why Measure the Film

When you choose to digitize your tapes with Reborn, we’ll transfer old reels of film to DVDs for you. The process is secure and safe, and we guarantee you’ll be able to preserve your footage. During the process, we carry out all the necessary editing, color correction, and cleaning. This will make sure the footage stays high quality. However, you’ll need to be aware of how long the film is before you send it to us for conversion. This will enable us to quote you the correct price. Before you send us your film, you need to measure the reel. This will determine an estimate of the footage.

How to Measure the Reel

You can use a measuring tape or ruler to take the film reel’s diameter. Usually, most film reels have a range of 3 to 7 inches across their middles. There are a few larger reels, however, they are very rare.

If your reel measures 3 inches in diameter, this will be around 50 feet of film. A reel that measures 5 inches in diameter will give you about 200 feet of film. A 7-inch diameter film equates to about 400 feet of film. You can use these measurements as a useful guide to estimate your footage. This will help you to get the most accurate quote for your conversion possible.

Digitizing Your Home Movies with Reborn

It’s never been simpler to transfer old memories to DVD and digital formats. Here at Reborn, we’re experts in the field. Just send your media to us and we’ll do all the hard work for you. You’ll soon receive a digitized copy of your media files that you can watch again and again. We guarantee that you’ll be delighted with the results.

Our professional service represents the best way to convert film to a DVD. We’ll handle your precious home movies as if they were our own. We’ll keep them safe and make sure we have converted them to digital media safely and to the highest standard. Then, you’ll be able to show future generations recordings of special moments and celebrations for many years to come.

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