Want to Convert Camcorder to Digital? Here’s the Easiest Method!

Do you have camcorder tapes lying around your home? Would you like to be able to watch them? Many of us have old recordings of home videos from years ago on old tape formats. Videos of weddings, christenings, family parties, and celebrations are great fun to watch. However, now that camcorders are obsolete, watching the old footage may seem impossible. The good news is that it’s possible to convert camcorder to digital. So, how can you do it? 

Hooking Up Your Camcorder

One way to transfer camcorder tapes to DVD involves hooking up your camcorder to a recording device. For this, you will require a DVD recorder or DVR. You can, then, play the camcorder tape and record it onto the DVR. Once the recording has finished, you can, then, burn the footage onto a video DVD. This method enables you to combine a few short tapes onto a single DVD. 

How Do You Connect the Camcorder to the DVR?

Follow these instructions to connect your camcorder to your DVR:

  • Put your chosen tape into your camcorder and make sure you have rewound it.
  • Take your RCA cables and connect them to the camera’s video out jack. If your camera does not have a video out jack, it may have a video out port. All models are different, so you may need to read the manual.
  • Connect your camcorder’s power supply and plug it into a socket.
  • Put the yellow, white, and red end of your cables into the DVR’s input socket. You will need to note which input you’re using since DVRs usually have several inputs.
  • Turn on your DVR.
  • Set it to the input into which you’ve put the cables.
  • You should now see the camcorder interface on your television screen.
  • Press play on your camcorder. Turn up the TV volume. This will test the audio and video.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the audio and video, press play on your camcorder and immediately press record on your DVR.
  • Allow the tape to run to the end.
  • Burn a disc from the DVR recording direct from the DVD interface menu.

Transferring Tapes to Your Hard Drive

If you’d like to edit your footage, you may want to transfer the tapes to your hard drive instead. Doing this will enable you to add effects or slice together scenes. There are a few ways to transfer to your hard drive. Video capture cards allow you to capture footage onto your PC’s hard drive directly.

Using A Professional Service

Although both options above are viable, they aren’t the easiest solutions. They’re also not practical for many people. They require equipment that many people simply don’t have. They may also require you to have some technical skill and knowledge. The simplest option is to use a professional company to convert camcorder to digital media. When you rely on experts, such as Reborn, you can be sure of a high-quality conversion result. We can preserve your old home movies for many years to come.

James Nordby