Videotape to Digital – convert it or toss it!

VHS to Digital, Hi8 to Digital, miniDV to Digital – – convert it, throw it away or pay next year’s prices

The choice may not be easy, but it is simple. All videotape degrades with age. From climate, accidents, tape players eating the tape, flooding – we’ve seen it all. When it comes to figuring out what to do – converting videotape to digital comes down to: 1.) convert it today, 2) throw it away, and 3) convert it later at future prices.

Choice #1 can put this task behind you forever – whether it is videotape to DVD or videotape to digital – once this is done – you never have to do it again! You can watch your files on TV, computer, upload them to the cloud, share them via youtube,  usb, etc. 
Choice #2 means that you throw away all memories on VHS, Hi8, or miniDV videotape – forever. The upside – you clean up storage and it is cheaper. The downside is you no loger have the memories or the choice to see them again – forever.
Choice #3 is a decision to store the tapes longer – and maybe lose them to the dangers listed above – and pay tomorrow’s prices, afterwich you revist Choice #1 and Choice #2 in the future.

James Nordby