VHS to DVD or VHS to Hard Drive?

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So, you have taken the plunge and decided to convert your VHS to Digital! Congratulations! 

Many people assume that this means to convert all VHS to DVD. Not so quick. DVD has many strengths. Most people have access to a DVD player. DVD (NTSC and PAL) have worldwide pressence.

But there are a few things people don’t think about. DVDs can break, be lost, or be damaged in fire, for example. 

Plus there is the question of archival purposes. How long do you want ot preserve your film and video? What quality do you want it stored in?

That is why many are chosing to convert their videos straight to hard drive. There are many format and quality options available, they can be stored indefinitely, they are more transportable (via internet), and they are already poised in a format that is ready for the next generation , whatever that is. 

VHS to Hard Drive also allows for a higher quality format than a typical DVD, which is actually compressed from a hard drive format when created. 

For those on the leading edge, hard drive video also allows you to play your video through apple TV just like any other movie. 

The choice is yours. Converting VHS to DVD is a good choice. So is Transfer of Video Tape to Hard Drive.

James Nordby