VHS to DVD is the most popular Videotape to DVD – usually weddings!

There are many videotape to DVD options, and the favorite type of movie is Wedding VHS to DVD. We do one almost every week. Then birthday parties, kids plays, and anniverseries . 
The most populare options availabe for videotape transfer to DVD include:
VHS to DVD *
miniDV to DVD *
Hi8 to DVD *
Video8 to DVD *
Digital 8 to DVD *
Betamax to DVD *
VHS-C to DVD *
BetaCam to DVD *
U-matic to DVD *
DVCam to DVD *

We also to PAL options for VHS to DVD and VHS-C to DVD. 

Preserving and Protecting the Very Best Times of Your Life – through Videotape to DVD! * 

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James Nordby