VHS to DVD – How Long Are Your Tapes?!

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Did you know that your 2-hour VHS tape can actually play for 2, 4, or 6 hours. Most people don’t remember that you could record on a regular 120 minute tape in Long Play (4 hours) and Extended Play (6 hours). We have even seen 8 hours on a single VHS tape – don’t ask me how they did that.

When it comes to converting VHS to DVD, this has several implications. First, since durning the capture phase, the tape is captured digitally in real time, your conversion project will take more machine time, potentially triggering additional charges. 

Second, a standard DVD will hold just under 2 hours of video, so a single tape can translate into multiple DVDs. 

It is possible to use double layered DVDs or lower the quality of the captured video, but one has reliability questions and the other loses the quality that a digital conversion is known for. 

So, beware that your VHS to DVD project may actually be to more than one DVD!

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James Nordby