VHS to Apple TV, VHS to Hard Drive, 8mm Film to Hard Drive

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Preserving and Protecting the Very Best Times of Your Life – through VHS to Apple TVVHS to Hard Drive, and 8mm Film to Hard Drive!

When it comes to preserving your video for the future, where do you start? VHS to DVD is a good start! #1 Hint – make sure that you get a second copy for backup! 

But, what’s next – we are always asked that question. While DVD replaced VHS, Blu-ray is not likely to do the same to DVD. It is much more likely that some version of streaming video (i.e. Netflix and its competitors) is next. Many people are converting VHS to Hard Drive in a format that 1) can be saved indefinitely and 2) be watched on computer and TV or 3) be streamed through Apple TV. The same is true for Transferring 8mm Film to DVD and 8mm Film to Hard Drive.

They key concept – yes there will be something after DVD, but it is still going to be digital as far as we can see. Storing video (and pictures and music,etc.) on hard drive will make your video the most usable now – and it will prepare it for the next step in technology.

But don’t wait – choose an option because the current film and video is deteriorating as we speak!

James Nordby