Unlock Your Memories When You Transfer Film To DVD

When you transfer film to DVD, you can unlock your cherished memories of the past. Old movie films have a lot of sentimental value. What could be more emotional than re-watching footage of your wedding or your child’s first steps? Many of us store precious home movies in our basements, attics, and closets. However, old film doesn’t last forever. That’s why transferring them to DVD or, of course, to a digital format is such a good idea.

If you have old VHS tapes or 16mm film at home, it is already degrading. Time isn’t kind to old tapes and film. Eventually, they will become so damaged that you can no longer watch them. That’s why transferring them to DVD or Digital makes sense.

Nobody wants to lose recordings of special occasions and important moments in their lives. Memories are one thing, but they can’t compete with the joy of actually reliving those moments on film. With that in mind, you should start thinking now about preserving your tapes and transferring them to a newer format.

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How Long Do Old Films Last?

Film life expectancy depends entirely on the way your family stores it. Low humidity and low temperatures are the best! It also depends on how many times your family projected the film and the quality of the projector.

In general, you can expect deterioration of up to 20% over a ten to 25-year period. The risk to film older than that is even higher. That is quite a significant degree of damage that can occur during a relatively short period of time.

If you keep your film in a setting that’s climate controlled, it may last longer. But most people just keep them in their basements and attics. Those are far from the best environments for storing video tapes. They will face exposure to moisture, heat, and other degrading factors. Believe it or not, mold is the number one enemy of old film. That can be rife in these moist environments.

If you have tapes dating back to the 1990s, some of the content will already be degraded. Older films will have seen an even greater degree of decay. That’s why converting them to a modern format is so important – before it is too late. Eventually, the color will fade, or mold will cause so much damage that the film is no longer watchable. In the end, films can even become too brittle to run through our frame-by-frame scanners. When that time comes, there is no way to salvage your old movies. They are gone forever.

How Will Converting My Tapes to Digital Help Preserve Them?

Converting your tapes to digital is a vital step toward preserving them. Digital formats don’t degrade, so they are permanent. Therefore, you’ll preserve those old movies for future generations to enjoy.

Furthermore, an added benefit is that you can actually play your old recordings on virtually any modern device. You probably can’t watch them now because there are very few working projectors left. You can view them on a PC, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV when you convert them to a digital format!

You can even send digital files by email or stored in the cloud for others to enjoy too. That makes it a breeze to share those memories with others who would appreciate them. You can remind someone of an important occasion or share a past event with the next generation. Sharing is effortless with digital files.

There is one more advantage to consider. Digitizing means that you can preserve and enhance the quality of the audio and visuals. That means you can enjoy an even better viewing experience.

How Are Old Films Transferred to Modern Formats?

To preserve your old films, you need specialist equipment, knowledge and skills to transfer old films to modern formats.  A professional conversion service can do it for you and produce excellent results. Here at Reborn Audio Video, our skilled team ensures a personal level of service on every project we tackle. The owner, Jamey Nordby, oversees every conversion project personally to ensure the best results. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have an excellent local reputation for the quality of our conversions. After all, we’ve been converting Denver film to DVD or Digital for more than a decade! That makes Reborn Audio Video an obvious choice for all your conversion needs.

We guarantee a fast turnaround, completing most projects in just a week. We can also convert tapes to DVD, digital, or both – we have the perfect format for the entire family! We’re also easy to find thanks to our convenient location, central to major Denver thoroughfares, and our pricing is competitive. We’ve kept our prices at pre-Covid levels while also ensuring the same level of personal attention and quality equipment. It’s no wonder that we’re Denver’s number one!

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