Unlock the Time Capsule by Converting VHS to Digital

People everywhere are discovering that converting VHS to digital is the key to unlock the treasure trove of the past. Countless families during the 1980s and 1990s saved their priceless memories on VHS tape. Weddings, parties, vacations, and more were all captured by a camcorder. The idea, of course, was to watch those old home movies again in the future and relive those moments. Unfortunately, technology has moved on, and their memories are indeed “captured” on videotape.

At the time, VHS (or Visual Home System) and camcorders were cutting-edge technology. No fans of technology who used them ever imagined that they would become obsolete. But by the early 2000s, the transformation had already happened.

With the rise of the DVD (digital video disc) and later digital formats, VHS fell by the wayside. VHS players haven’t even been manufactured in years. Years of vital memories are all trapped in VHS tapes that they can’t play anymore. Our VHS to digital conversion process can renew those old memories and keep them fresh and crisp for eternity.

Why Digitize VHS Tapes

Digitizing VHS tapes offers priceless benefits for priceless memories. There are so many reasons to convert your old VHS tapes to a digital format:

  • Your recordings will be ready for the future. Those old tapes are degrading over time. Even if they aren’t exposed to magnets, heat, or mold, time causes video tape to deteriorate. Eventually, it’ll become unwatchable. The film will be brittle and will snap easily if you try to watch it. In a digital format, your memories are protected and kept safe for future generations to enjoy.
  • You can play your recordings on any device. Unlike VHS tapes, which require an increasingly difficult-to-find VHS player, digital recordings play on smartphones, PCs, tablets, and laptops. 
  • Want to share your recordings with family, friends, and even business contacts? It is easy. Digital files can be shared via the cloud or email so anyone can watch.
  • Digital recordings take up hardly any space at all. If you opt for flash drives, you can store hundreds of them in a drawer that only fits a couple of VHS tapes. If you store your digital files in the cloud, you need no physical storage space at all!
  • When old home movies are converted to digital, they will have far better quality. The conversion process can often enhance the video and audio, improving the viewing experience. 
  • You can remember the past again and again without worrying about wearing your recording out.

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How Do I Convert VHS to Digital?

Using a trusted conversion service like Reborn is the best way to convert your VHS tapes to digital. Just follow these four easy steps:

  • Call Jamey, who’ll personally handle your digital conversions.
  • Arrange a time and day to drop the VHS tapes off with us.
  • In a few days, come by to pick up your digital conversion.
  • Watch, share, and remember!

Can I Complete the VHS To Digital Conversion Process Myself?

Of course– that’s how Jamey got started 11 years ago. However, since that time, we’ve honed our skills and invested in the very best digital conversion equipment. We’ve learned which equipment to use and, most importantly, how to use it to produce the best results. Our converter machines cost $400 each, and we have 13 of them! We can run as many as 20 machines at any one time – something you’d never be able to do yourself. Without that level of conversion technology, you’ll never be able to achieve the conversion quality you want, or that your recordings deserve.

Also, there’s a specific process for handling old VHS tapes. Thanks to our years of experience, you can rest assured that we’ll never damage them or destroy your memories accidentally. It’s our business to convert your tapes well, quickly, and affordably.

Why Choose Reborn for My Cassette to Digital Conversion?

Choosing a digital conversion service provider you can trust is a vital choice you need to make carefully. That’s why you should come to Reborn. We’re your number one service provider in Denver, thanks to our experience and outstanding customer service.

We want every client to benefit from our personal attention. That’s why each customer has their own individual appointment. Our speed and efficiency ensure a rapid turnaround, so you won’t be left waiting for weeks.

When you choose Reborn, you’ll be confident of the best possible prices. We still charge the same price as we did before Covid, so you’re guaranteed a fantastic value for your money.

We’re well-located, too, close to three major highways for your convenience. Finding us to drop off your VHS tapes couldn’t be simpler. If you’d rather, though, we also offer an email or mail service to make life even easier. We can even offer pickup and delivery for qualifying orders.

So why not contact Reborn today?

Call us at 720-204-5463, text us at 720 204-5464, or email us at info@rebornaudiovideo.com.

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