Top Tips for Converting Slides to Digital in Denver

In the modern world, teenagers are sure to know what PowerPoint slides are. However, when it comes to projector slideshows, the chance of them knowing what you’re talking about is slim!

Yet, slides can store an amazing amount of history that you must protect and preserve for future generations. The days of showing our loved ones 35-millimeter slides of our vacations on a projector no longer exist. However, that doesn’t mean we must forget the memories of those vacations. Many families actually have boxes of old slides hidden away in their attics gathering dust. If you’re one of those families, the solution for preserving your memories lies in converting slides to digital in Denver. Here are our top tips to help you convert your slides so you can enjoy all those precious images again.

1. Store the Slides Safely

Like photographs, it is very easy to damage slides. Poor storage methods, incorrect temperatures, improper handling, and sunlight can all cause harm. Keep your slides in a location that is away from sunlight and is temperature-controlled. You should also make sure you’re using archival quality containers. Whenever you handle your slides, make sure your hands are clean. Alternatively, wear a pair of gloves made from non-scratching fibers.

2. Organize Your Slides

If you organize your old slides properly, the process of preservation and digitizing will be quicker. Catalog and sort the slides by date, people, places or events. The idea is to choose a method of organization that works well for your collection and you.

3. Send Your Slides to A Service Offering Slides to Digital in Denver

It can be hard to choose the right slides to digital service in Denver. Which companies can you trust and rely on to preserve your memories? Here at Reborn, we’re proud to be a top choice in Colorado for families wanting to preserve their slides.

4. Hold A Slideshow Viewing Party

Retro and vintage items are very fashionable right now. Antique appliances and vintage treasures fascinate the younger generations. Once you have preserved and digitized your slides, it’s time to make a slideshow. You can use one of the online free services that allow you to add music to your show. Is your old projector still intact? If you have preserved your slides by a digitizing service, you can get them out and have a slide party. What better way to get the old-school vibe?

Are you ready to begin work on your slideshow project? Contact us here at Reborn, and we can convert your slides to digital in Denver. With our professional service, we will scan each slide and carefully adjust the images by hand. Therefore, you can be certain that each slide will have the optimal density and color. Your precious memories will stay looking their best forever! It’s time to reminisce about the good old days. There’s never been a better excuse to get your loved ones together for a party!

James Nordby