Top 5 Reasons to Convert VHS to DVD

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Why Convert VHS to DVD (as well as all Audio tape to CD and Video tape to DVD)?

  1. Magnetic tape is deteriorating for no other reason that time. The magnetic patterns on the tape that represent your sound and music are fading just by gettig older
  2. So you can watch your VHS, Cassette, miniDV, Hi8, and more – again! The vast majority of people who have these magnetic tape based media have nothing to play them on. Either they remain lost, or they are converted to digital.
  3. For those who do have the appropriate tape players, they are watching on borrowed time. Tape players will eventually stop working, there are almost none being made today, and even fewer places where they can be repaired.
  4. Moisture. As tapes sit in storage, moisture condenses on the magnetic recording surfaces. These can create a gummy substance that can ruin the tape if played without proper dehydration.
  5. Legacy. As the current generation of tape owners moves on, the next generation is even less prepared to deal with magnetic based video and audio. If the conversion to digital is by passed, a huge legacy will have disappeared.
  6. (bonus!) Storage space. A DVD takes up a fraction of the space of a VHS tape. Converting to Hard Drive takes up even less space. For Audio, converting to .mp3 for todays players is also a great option
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James Nordby