Should I Convert My Favorite Record to a CD?

Do you have an old copy of your favorite vinyl record in your attic or basement? Are you wondering whether you should convert it to a CD? There are several convincing arguments about why you should. Converting a record to a CD format offers a host of benefits that you’re sure to appreciate. Need more convincing? Read on to learn more.

Take Your Music Anywhere

Some people say it isn’t worth converting records to CDs these days. Vinyl has made a comeback. You can find record players on sale in stores and online. Many popular artists and bands are releasing their albums in vinyl format. So, what would the benefit be to making the conversion?

The answer is you will be able to take your music anywhere. CDs are much more accessible than LPs. Most cars have CD players so you can take your favorite tunes with you on the go. You can play CDs through your PC or laptop – even through your Blu-ray player in different rooms of your home. This gives you a lot more flexibility over when and where to listen to those albums of yours.

Record players may have made a return, but they aren’t very convenient. You can’t take them in the car with you while you’re on the move. This is one of the reasons why you might want to convert your favorite record to a CD.

Keep Your Records Safe

Although vinyl records are fantastic collectors’ items, they’re more at risk of damage than a CD. They can easily scratch or break. This means you’re at risk of losing your favorite music. If you convert LPs to a CD format, you’ll be able to preserve the music and keep it safe.

Outstanding Quality

Some older vinyl records have poor sound quality. There are often hissing or popping sounds in the background. These sounds spoil the effect of the music. When you convert them to a CD, however, you can clean up the audio. This means you’ll enjoy your favorite music in crystal clear quality. There’ll be no more hissing to ruin the sound. Every note and every lyric will be flawlessly transferred to the optimal quality.


One of the greatest benefits of converting your vinyl records to a CD is it becomes possible to split tracks. This is when you separate each song into its own track. You can, then, easily switch back and forth between the tracks and select the ones you like best. This is something that isn’t easy with a vinyl record. You can simply pop the CD in your player and turn straight to your number one song!

If you’re ready to convert your favorite record to a CD, contact Reborn today. Our friendly team is here to offer you the best conversion services in Denver. We’ll give you all the information you need and reliably convert your analog media to digital. We know you’ll be delighted with the result. You’ll soon be listening to your favorite songs anywhere!

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James Nordby