Scan Slides, Scan Photos, Scan Negatives

Scanning is a huge part of digitizing your family memories. Reborn Audio Video offers several Scan to Digital options:
Scan PhotosScan Slides, and Scan Negatives.

There are two primary factors necessary for quality scans: resolution and cleaning. 

All pictures, regardless of format, are dirtier than we think. Especially with slides and negatives, when a scan is enlarged to view on a computer or TV, small particles of dust can look like birds! So cleaning is important.

You can choose between no cleaning – which we call quick and dirty for obvious reasons. We air dust the media but all other dust and scratches is untouched.

A step further – you can also do electronic editing. This means that each photo is brought into professional editing software where dust and scratches are automatically and manually removed from the final picture. We call this level ‘keepsake’ – our most popular family style scan.

A final step is to opt for the Heirloom quality. This involves hand cleaning each image before the scan as well as post scan editing. This is reserved for the highest quality scans.

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