Is It Worth Converting Old Film To DVD? An Expert Answers

Converting old film to DVDs (digital video disc) is something that more people are considering these days. Many households have boxes of old home movies they can’t watch anymore. Without a projector, viewing old films is impossible. Few people have functioning projectors anymore, and nobody knows anybody who does. Those old films will just keep sitting in a box, gathering dust and deteriorating with time.

Is it worth converting if you have old home movies sitting in boxes? Our expert team here at Reborn has been answering this question for years—and our answer is a resounding yes! So, why do we think you should complete the conversion process now? Read on to find out.

Old Film Deteriorates

Film, like slides or negatives, deteriorates in several ways. First, it becomes increasingly brittle over time. At some point, it becomes impossible to watch. As soon as you attempt to watch it, the film will break.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s another problem to keep in mind. The color on the actual film will start to fade. Just like old photos, film color deteriorates too. Eventually, the beauty of your recordings will be lost to time.

Finally, there’s another issue for you to consider: mold. It’s the number one enemy of film. Mold will eat your precious film away and destroy your cherished images. Once the mold sets in, your film will be completely unwatchable. And, of course, where do most people keep their old home movies? People keep their memories in attics and basements where mold has a habit of growing in the damp and humid surroundings.

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Restoration Of Quality

The digital conversion process allows your film’s quality to be restored. It’s even possible to enhance old film with color and light correction. We can upgrade your old films to today’s modern resolution. There are plenty of other options available to make your film conversion the best that it can be.

Accessibility And Convenience

One of the top reasons to convert your old films to DVD or digital formats is accessibility. It goes without saying that your old films are hardly convenient to watch. They’re a long way from being accessible right now!

When they’re in a DVD or digital format, though, they’re simple to access and watch. You won’t need a traditional film projector. You can watch them on any device, from a PC or TV to a smartphone or tablet. The means you can watch them away from your home or even on the move if you want. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

Even better, digital formats are super simple to share with others, too. You can email, message, Bluetooth, or even AirDrop the files to a friend or family member who’s sure to love watching them.

Easy Storage

It’s pretty easy to see that DVDs are less challenging to store than old films. Old film reels are big and bulky and take up a lot of space. Thanks to their slim format, DVDs are simple to store in drawers or shelves. Digital files are even easier to store on a tiny flash drive or even in the cloud, saving you a ton of space.

How Do I Convert Film To Digital?

Converting film to digital on your own isn’t a good idea. The equipment that you’ll need is costly and difficult to use. Worse, you could even potentially damage your old film during the process. Using a professional conversion service like Reborn is always the best idea.

So, how do you go about it? Here are four easy steps to follow:

  • Give Jamey at Reborn a call. He handles all of our conversions.
  • Choose a suitable time and day to drop the films off with us.
  • A few days later, come and collect your DVDs or flash drives.
  • Watch, share with your friends and family, and enjoy remembering.

Why Choose Reborn For My Film To Digital Conversion?

Choosing a reliable provider of digital conversion services couldn’t be more critical. Reborn is the number one option in Denver because:

  • Every customer benefits from their own individual appointment and our undivided personal attention.
  • We’ve been in the industry for 15 years, and have extensive hands-on expertise.
  • Our results are incredibly high-quality as we only use the best-quality professional equipment.
  • Our turnaround times are speedy. We’re efficient and rapid.
  • You’ll benefit from our affordable pricing – we still charge the same as we did pre-Covid.
  • We have a convenient location within easy reach of three major highways.
  • You can drop off your films or use our email/mail service at your convenience.
  • We can even offer a pick-up and delivery service for qualifying orders.

Get in touch with us here at Reborn now. Call us at 720-204-5463 or send us a text at 720 204-5464. Or why not send us an email to

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