Is It Worth Converting Audio Tape to CD?

While music streaming is one of the most popular options with today’s youths, vinyl has seen a comeback recently. Now, rumor has it that cassette tapes are also re-emerging into the mainstream. With this in mind, is it worth converting an audio tape to a CD?

Since 2011, the number of sales of cassette tapes has almost quadrupled. Stores are selling around 100,000 tapes every year. So, are cassettes really on their way back? If so, should we bother going through the conversion process? Or, should we just hold on and wait for companies to release new versions of old-school cassette players? Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities.

Why Are Cassettes Back on The Rise?

Vinyl has been going through a recent resurgence over the last few years. Now, more artists are following up on this trend by releasing new mainstream music on the cassette format. Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, and Jay Z are just some of the artists who have opted for this media. As a result, young collectors and listeners are becoming attracted to cassettes.

Last year, there was an enormous jump in the number of cassette tapes sold in the United States. This was because more mainstream music was being released on cassette. Nevertheless, there’s a problem with cassette tapes and that is how to play them. Many people got rid of their old cassette players years ago. With no more being made, it’s now difficult to find a way to play music recorded in this format. Also, the sound quality of music on cassette tapes is poor when compared with vinyl or digital media. It also doesn’t allow for DJing, and this is another issue that needs to be overcome. With all of this in mind, the boost in sales figures has come as a huge surprise in the industry.

Are Cassette Tapes Set to Remain Popular?

Because of the issues of sound quality and lack of DJing potential and playability, tapes may not remain popular long-term. Streaming music offers greater convenience and you can enjoy your favorite tunes on your smartphone as you go. Cassette tapes simply can’t rival this convenience. Although tapes may be popular because they have a physical form, they can’t compete in terms of sound quality either. This means that digitization is going nowhere any time soon. While tapes may be popular with collectors, they are unlikely to overtake digital media.

So, should you still consider converting an audio tape to a CD? The answer is definitely yes. The sound quality you’ll enjoy from a CD will be infinitely greater than that on a cassette tape. You’ll still enjoy the benefits of a physical copy of your music when you choose the CD format. However, you’ll also have the possibility of converting it easily to a streaming format. This gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to play your favorite music through your car CD player on the move and enjoy outstanding quality. So, contact Reborn today and arrange your audio tape to CV conversion now.

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