Is It Best to Transfer Old Film to DVD in Denver? Or Is A Digital Video File A Better Choice?

Preserving family memories has long been a common theme for many families. For decades, families have been filming important moments in their lives. From weddings to birthdays to graduations and christenings, home videos have captured those special times.

Now, however, families can no longer watch many of those old home videos. There are no projectors or video players left to show them to future generations. Should we just move on and leave those memories in the past? No! If you convert film to DVD in Denver, future generations can enjoy those special moments time and again. There are two options, however. Will you opt for a DVD format or a digital video file? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Film to DVD

If you transfer video to DVD, there are several benefits:

  • DVDs are easy to store in the home.
  • Most people own a Blu-ray or DVD player that is capable of playing DVDs.
  • You can still purchase DVD players in stores.
  • You can personalize the case cover and disc face to make a lovely gift.

However, there are some drawbacks as well:

  • A single-sided, single-layer, standard DVD can hold only 4.7 gigabytes of data. This is only about two hours of footage at a high quality. You will need one DVD for every standard play, full-length videotape.
  • DVD drives are not standard in most computers. That means you’ll probably need to purchase a DVD external drive if you want to watch DVDs on your computer.
  • While you can copy DVD files onto a PC, then, play them via your player, this isn’t a user-friendly format.

Copying Video to A Digital File

Converting VHS to digital files is a popular choice these days. MOV, AVI, and MP4 files are all commonly used. The benefits include:

  • You are able to keep all the converted footage on an external hard drive or flash drive. This means you can conveniently access the footage on USB-friendly devices or PCs.
  • You can easily edit AVI, MOV, and MP4 files using editing software.
  • You can easily upload and share MP4s over the Internet with loved ones.

On the downside, however:

  • Because of their small size, it is very easy for a person to lose flash drives. Therefore, you need to store them carefully.
  • People who do not understand technology will struggle to enjoy and watch family memories.

Why Should I Convert My Video Files?

Original copies of videos will degrade over time. Film deteriorates and will, eventually, become unwatchable. This makes it imperative for those who want to preserve those special memories to convert their files. Here at Reborn, we can convert film to DVD in Denver or convert your home movies to digital files. We can also provide both DVDs and digital files of your film, so you have even more protection against loss. Thanks to our professional equipment and reliable reputation, you can depend on us to preserve your memories for the future.

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