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iPhone to DigitalDigital8 to DVDFlash Drive to DVDMicrocassette to CD

It is amazing how many different audio and video ‘things’ there are that need to be in another format.

iPhones and Smartphones full of pictures – what do you do with them? Eventually, yoiu have so many they need to be on hard drive. Easy to do for most people. What about Grandma and Grandpa – they are barely into the DVD age. So we convert pictures from phone to DVD.

Same with cameras – eventually, you have a thousand little cards, full of pictures and a computer full as well. You can get a bigger, better computer, but many choose to archive on DVD, Cloud or hard drive. So we do Flash Drive to DVD and Hard Drive.

Of course, we do traditional conversionn for things like Digital8 to DVD and microcassette to CD and mp3.

We even do answering machine to CD and mp3!

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James Nordby