How to Convert VHS to DVD – #4

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  1. Dehydrating your tapes
  2. Packing your tapes
  3. Capturing your tapes
  4. in a series.

After preparing and capturing your tapes in order to convert VHS do digital, it is time to Edit.

Editing can mean a lot of different things, so let’s look at the options. 

Basic editing includes cutting out the leading and trailing tape so that only video remains in your final VHS to DVD project.

A second step is to edit out all of the dead space between scenes that camcorders often leave behind.

A third step is to adjust the frame so that regardless of how the camcorder recorded your tape and regardless of how it was played back, the final video yields a full, crisp screen without frame borders showing.

Then, either because of aging, or because of incorrect camera adjustments, both light and color can be adjusted for a more clear, realistic, and well defined picture. 

This is all included in a basic editing package while transferring VCR to DVD. Advanced editing options can include removal and rearranging of content, combining multiple tapes onto single DVDs, and custom memorial creation. 

Next, we will talk about finalizing your VHS to DVD transfer.

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