How to Convert VHS to DVD – #2

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In “How to Convert VHS to DVD – #1”, we established that the first step for a successful VHS to DVD Conversion is to dehydrate the tape – the biggest enemy of any magnetic tape. 

In Article #2, we discuss how to best prepare your tape for VHS to DVD conversion (or any tape to dvd or tape to cd conversion). 

It is such a simple, yet fairly unknown little trick, that has a profound effect on the success of a video tape to dvd transfer. You simply need to pack the tape. You simply fast forward the tape to the end and then rewind to the beginning without stopping. 

Packing the tape aligns the tape to the machine upon which it will be played, and creates the proper and uniform tension on the tape – the way it was designed to play.

The results? We have been amazed again and again at the difference in quality between an unpacked tape and a packed tape. Sometimes tapes that won’t play at all will play perfectly once properly packed. 

The problem is that packing each tape before converting VHS to DVD (or Hi8 to DVD or BetaCam to DVD or Betamax to DVD, or miniDV to DVD, etc.) takes time. Skipping this step will save time at the expense of quality – if you just rewind the tape, you are skipping the packing step – and sacrificing the quality of your memories.

Next, in Article #3, I will discuss the next step in the VHS to DVD conversion process – the capture!

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