Hi8 to DVD – So, the Camera Doesn’t Work Anymore?

Hi8 to DVD is one of the most popular videotape to DVD options

Video8 to DVD
Hi8 to DVD, and Digital8 to DVD are all related Videotape to DVD options from the mid 1980s until 2005 or so. The whole family of 8mm videotape is often referred to as “Hi8”. They have been relegated to ‘has been’ by the wave of miniDV and DVCam that has cornered the videotape market – even in the digital age. 

Unfortunately, the primary way to play these tapes has always been through the camera, whether directly or through the TV. The few player decks that were created were mostly used in professional applications. 

Reborn Audio Video has several of these decks, so that that they can be processed even today – and in studio grade quality. 

Each tape holds up to just over 2 hours if completely full. Standard DVDs, however, hold just under 2 hours, creating a situation where a full tape can use 2 DVDs to capture all material. 

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James Nordby