Five Reasons to Convert VHS-C Tapes to Digital with Reborn

Are you interested in converting your family’s old VHS-C tapes to digital or DVD? The Reborn team is here to help you preserve your family memories.

If you have old VHS-C tapes in your house, converting to a modern format is a top priority. Those old tapes contain extraordinary family footage and irreplaceable    moments in your life and the lives of your loved ones… but you probably can’t play them anymore. Most people no longer have a working camcorder in their homes or a functioning VCR. There is no other way to play these tapes. That’s where Reborn steps in.

We convert VHS-C to digital so you can watch those old videos. The Reborn team makes the conversion process easy and convenient. Here are just a few of the benefits your VHS tapes to digital.

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1. Convert VHS-C to MP4 with Reborn and Relive Your Memories

It’s pointless to have old footage that you can’t watch. However, when Reborn converts your VHS-C to MP4, you’ll be able to enjoy reliving your memories. Thanks to the versatility of the MP4 format, you can use it with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and many other systems.. Our conversion process allows you to watch your videos from virtually any device. You can also store the MP4 videos we convert in the cloud to save physical storage. Our process to bring your memories back to life is simple and efficient.

2. Converting VHS-C to USB With Reborn Makes Sharing Files Easy

Reborn knows you want to share your memories with loved ones. When we convert your VHS-C tapes to digital, on a USB for example, you’ll be able to take your videos anywhere easily. Our USBs are ideal for taking videos to family and friends’ houses to show them the old footage. When we convert your tapes to USB, you’ll enjoy excellent video quality and lots of playback options. You’ll also be able to copy your files quickly and upload them to the cloud. Our conversion service makes it simple to share your precious home movies with important people in your life.

3. When You Use Our Convert VHS-C to Digital Service, You Preserve Your Videos for The Future

You already know that VHS-C tapes don’t last forever; they degrade over time. However, digital options don’t degrade and won’t get easily damaged. That’s why we offer our conversion service. Scratches and dust won’t be a problem with digital files, and storage is easy too. We ensure that those precious memories stay in perfect condition in the long term. Our conversion service allows future generations to watch your old home movies and learn about their loved ones.

4. Converting VHS-C Tapes to Digital Makes Editing a Breeze

We know that you want to use your old footage for many purposes, and for that, you need editing functionality. You can easily edit our digital files and even add special effects. When we convert your VHS-C tapes to digital, you can use them to create presentations for special occasions. You can even make your old videos even better. We make editing a breeze.

5. Simple to Convert VHS-C with Competitive Prices and Volume Discounts

A. Thousands of satisfied customers can attest to the value of fast, quality and personal service that provides the digital conversion service that your memories deserve. Call today.

B. It really is as easy as 1-2-3

i. Bring your project to Reborn Audio Video (or mail)
ii. VHS-C tapes are examined, prepared, and converted
iii. Pick up your converted videos and start watching

The Benefits That Reborn’s Conversion Service Can Offer You

Here at Reborn, we’re specialists in the field of video-to-digital conversion. We are experienced and professional. You can depend on it.

We put outstanding customer service at the heart of everything we do. We ensure our clients get the best level of customer care. We’ve served our local customers’ conversion here in Denver, Colorado since 2013 with thousands of satisfied clients. All conversion work is performed in our Denver media lab. Reborn is owner operated, so you get the personal attention you want for your project from the owner himself.

While most of our customers live in the Denver area, we do have customers who live in other states or overseas. They choose us specifically for our professionalism, our expertise, personal touch and secure operations. Whether you live nearby or whether you want to use our internet or mail service, we’re here to help. For local customers, we have an easy-to-find, convenient location with plenty of parking. For customers further afield, we also offer a rapid turnaround service.

James Nordby