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Preserving and Protecting the Very Best Times of Your Life!

An entire generation of video memories is in jeopardy of being lost. That is why we offer 8mm to DVD and 16mm to DVD film conversion products. From the 1930s well in to the early 1980s, film was a very popular means of capturing family events, news, home made movies, commercial video, and more. 

We have seen WWII era footage, high school proms, weddings, and more. Even so, we get questions every day – is it possible to save these films??? The answer is YES!  It is still possible to turn 8mm film to digital video on DVD or hard drive that is in many cases even better than the original! 

Why? New technology can take the old film, apply light, contrast, shadow, brightness, and color enhancement that bring the most out of your film that a projector cannot. Fadded, yellowed, or dark film can be brought to life again. 

But don’t wait – both the film and the projectors have limited life left in them!

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James Nordby