DVD To Digital Tips to Help Empty Nesters Organize Their Home Movies Collections

Have your kids left home? Then it’s time to motivate yourself and do something special with your videos and photos. Although your last child leaving the family home leaves a void, it does free up some time. You can spend it investing in your family in a new way. Most parents have an enormous backlog of home movies to sort through. For years, you’ve probably been promising yourself that you’ll put them to good use. However, family life almost always intervenes. Now, you finally have the freedom to start on those projects you’ve been thinking about for so long. That’s why we’re bringing you these DVD to digital tips so you can organize your selection of home movies.

Digitize Those Videos

Once you start digitizing those old movies, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. It’s pretty easy to accomplish. This is especially the case if you take advantage of a service, such as that offered by Reborn. If you’re looking at boxes of tapes in different formats, you’re probably feeling quite discouraged. You may be thinking it’s going to take forever. However, we can digitize tapes in any format, from Super 8 to VHS, so it’s no problem.

Choosing A Goal for Your Videos

Digitizing your home movies makes sense if you want to preserve your memories in the long term. Yet, you need to determine a final goal. How will you share those precious moments with your family? Perhaps you want to make a clip show of key moments from over the years for a special event? Or, maybe you want to edit some specific clips and send one to each child? This way, you can remind them of happy days. Maybe your goal is to make a private website for your family. That would allow you to share those memories easily with everyone. Once you’ve determined the direction in which you’re heading, you can start on your project.

Prioritizing Your Projects

Remember that your family home movies are for everyone. Your top priority may be to digitize the movies of your kids from when they were small. Remember, though, that other family members may want to see movies of you when you were young. If you have home videos from when you were a kid, remember to digitize these, too. It’s very easy to convert older formats into MP4 for easy sharing and viewing. Talk to your relatives – they may have some great ideas for video projects. They may also have more videos to add to your digitization.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Many people want to create a home video project for the holidays. But it can be all-too-common to leave it until it’s too late. Remember that it takes time to edit videos to create the perfect project. While the digitization process may be relatively speedy, you’ll still have work to do. Don’t leave it all to the last moment. If your goal is to make a hilarious edited video to watch on Christmas Day together, start in October!

Starting Afresh on Your Digitizing Project

From the day you made your first home video, it was no doubt your intention to preserve those moments forever. Now, with modern digital technology, you can make sure you will meet that goal. Your home videos should be ever-present in your life. They should be accessible and easy to watch. They should also be easy to share. With Reborn’s DVD to digital service, this becomes possible. Your videos will be safe and protected from loss. They’ll also be accessible from any device. It’s never been easier to relive the past. For empty nesters, this is truly precious.

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James Nordby