Convert Mini DV to Digital to Preserve Your Memories in Storm Season

Do you have boxes full of precious family memories? Are there videos of the kids when they were young? Do you have recordings of wedding days, birthdays, and holiday celebrations? You probably don’t watch them very often. However, imagine how you’d feel if a storm suddenly destroyed those memories? You can replace possessions, but you cannot bring back old images and videos. Once they have disappeared, you have lost them forever. Now, think about where you’ve stored those boxes of videotapes. Are they in your basement? Your attic? With storm season rapidly approaching, it is possible the weather could irreparably damage any stored-away memories. With this in mind, it’s time to convert Mini DV to digital to ensure you have preserved those memories.

How Could Storm Damage Affect My Video Tapes?

A storm could damage the roof of your home. As a result, rain or snow could get into your attic and cause damage to everything stored there. Mini DV tapes are especially vulnerable to water damage. You could easily find that water got into those boxes of tapes and destroyed them. Are your old tapes in your basement? They are still not safe from harm. Basements are especially prone to flooding during storm season. If you haven’t properly stored your videotapes, they could incur water damage.

Preparing for A Problem

When you are preparing for a disaster, there are certain things you need to think about. Your boxes of old videotapes are things that you would not consider. However, maybe you should. Most of us plan what we’d need to take from our homes in the event of a disaster. Clothes, children’s essentials, and important paperwork are all likely to be on the list. There are only so many things you can take when you need to leave your home in a hurry. You probably do not have any way of taking boxes full of videotapes with you. That is why preparing in advance for such an eventuality is always the best idea.

What Can I Do to Protect My Video Tapes?

If you transfer your old home videos and recordings into a digital format, you can keep them safe from harm. Not only can conversion stop those memories from deteriorating over time, but it can also prevent them from being permanently lost. Rather than trying to salvage those old home movies, why not convert them to digital? When saved on a DVD, flash drive, or even in the cloud, you can easily keep them safeguarded. Should you lose or destroy the originals, perhaps because of storm damage, you still can cherish your memories. Future generations will still be able to watch those special films and enjoy those precious moments.

If you convert mini DV to digital, you can have greater peace of mind. Your memories will be safe, not only in storm season but throughout the year. Contact a professional video-to-digital conversion company today and find out more about protecting your family history.

James Nordby