Want to Convert DVDs into MP4 Format? Discover the Benefits!

If you have home movies on DVD at home, you need to think about a more permanent solution. DVDs are great, but they won’t last forever. If you want to save your memories in the long term, you need a different storage format. The MP4 format is a much better option. If you want to convert DVDs into the MP4 format, learn the benefits here.

Why Convert DVDs?

DVDs first appear in the mid-1990s. At that time, they were a new and exciting way to bring entertainment to people. Very soon after their arrival on the market, the traditional VHS tape began to wane in popularity. This was because DVDs had a high capacity for storage that allowed for extra footage and special features. They also had a higher quality playback when compared with VHS. Now, however, people recognize that DVDs have a few defects. This is encouraging them to rip their DVDs to a digital MP4 format. MP4s offer some distinct advantages while DVDs have some clear disadvantages in comparison.

What Are the Disadvantages of DVDs?

There are several disadvantages to DVDs. They include:

  • You can break and/or scratch them quite easily. When you damage disks, you can no longer read them. This is problematic when you’re preserving special home movies.
  • DVDs take up a lot of space. Many people have shelves that are full of DVDs. This wastes space that you could put to better use.
  • To play DVDs, you need a DVD player or drive. These are less common these days. More computers are also abandoning DVD drives. Handheld devices can’t play DVDs either. This limits when and where you can watch those movies.
  • You cannot customize DVDs.

You can circumvent these defects if you convert your DVDs into MP4 format.

Why Choose MP4 Format?

Meanwhile, the MP4 format offers some distinct advantages of its own: 

  • It takes up much less room than DVDs while preserving high-quality playback. The file size is much smaller when compared with other video formats. However, the quality output rivals that of original DVDs.
  • It’s easy to manage and store MP4s. They are also difficult to corrupt. You can save the digital MP4 copy to several devices. Some of those devices include USB, Android, iPhone, external hard drives, or computer hard drives. This allows for convenient management.
  • Unlike a fragile DVD, MP4 digital files are hard to damage even with regular use. You can even repair them if they become corrupted.
  • MP4 files are compatible with virtually every program and electronic device. This means you can enjoy your footage wherever you go using portable devices.
  • A lot of software types and web services, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and iMovie, accept MP4s.
  • You can share MP4 files online with other users.

Should I Convert My DVDs?

Not so long ago, we were talking about converting physical videotapes to DVD. Now, MP4 files are the best option for conversion. You will be future-proofing your special memories and home movies. This will allow you to share them with other family members quickly and easily. You’ll also protect them against loss since you’ll be able to store them in several locations. Digital files are the way forward. Whether you want to upload your key family moments to YouTube or create a compilation of memories, it becomes possible. You can even edit MP4 files conveniently and easily.

In short, if you choose to convert your DVDs into MP4 format, you’ll have great peace of mind. You can be confident that your most important life moments will be safe for the future.

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James Nordby