Five Reasons to Convert VHS-C Tapes to Digital with Reborn

Convert VHS To DVD or Digital

Are you interested in converting your family’s old VHS-C tapes to digital or DVD? The Reborn team is here to help you preserve your family memories. If you have old VHS-C tapes in your house, converting to a modern format is a top priority. Those old tapes contain extraordinary family footage and irreplaceable    moments in…

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Are DVDs or Flash Drives Best If I Convert VCR To Digital?

converting vhs to digital

Are you planning to convert VCR to digital? Are you wondering which storage method is best for you? These days, you can choose between DVDs and flash drives. So, which is the right choice when it comes to digitizing your memories?  Why Should I Choose DVD? DVDs are not new. Originally released into the mainstream…

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A Transfer Mini DV Service Guide to This Media Type

Do you have mini DV tapes at home? Do you want to transfer mini DV to digital or DVD but are not sure how to go about it? Here at Reborn, we are experts in converting old home movie tapes to digital formats. In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know…

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Convert Mini DV to Digital to Preserve Your Memories in Storm Season

Do you have boxes full of precious family memories? Are there videos of the kids when they were young? Do you have recordings of wedding days, birthdays, and holiday celebrations? You probably don’t watch them very often. However, imagine how you’d feel if a storm suddenly destroyed those memories? You can replace possessions, but you…

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Can I Convert VCR to Digital If My Tapes Are Water Damaged?

Do you have old home movies that you would like to preserve for future generations? The answer could be to convert your VCR tape to a digital format so you can save your memories. The latest conversion technologies allow you to keep a record of key moments in your family’s life. While VCR tapes will…

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What Can I Do After I Convert Digital 8 Film to Digital?


More people than ever before are converting their old home movies to a digital format. If you are thinking of taking this course of action yourself, you might be wondering what the benefits are. What can you do after you convert digital 8 film to digital? Choosing to transfer old media into a digital file…

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