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converting vhs to digital

What Makes My VHS to DVD Service Sooooo Good? Well, best of all, you get to talk with ME! I personally do all of the work to convert your VHS to DVD project. With over a decade of professional experience, 10’s of thousands of videotape conversions under my belt, and the commitment to pay personal…

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Convert VHS-C Tapes to Digital – Waiting for …?

VHS to Digital Conversion

You Don’t Want the Tape – But do You Want the Discs? You don’t have a player or your camera anymore – and they probably wouldn’t be working anyway. And for sure you can’t find the adapter that they need to play. But please, if you are comfortable at all with digital files on a…

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Well, Technically, VCR Can’t Be Converted to Digital!

VCR to Digital

I know, lots of folks call their tapes VCRs, but they just aren’t. VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder. It is a machine – a machine that records video onto a videotape. While the tapes could be called VCR tapes, it makes more sense to call the various tapes by their own name than by…

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How to Digitize a VHS Tape – or Part of One

So, you find yourself with some old VHS tapes, like 10’s of millions of other Americans. Kids birthdays, parent’s birthdays, graduations, first steps, vacations – the list goes on. It can be confusing and overwhelming for just about everybody.  VHS players haven’t been manufactured since 2016 (Forbes July 23, 2016). Every day there are fewer…

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Is It Time to Digitize Your VHS Collection?


If so, then there are a few things to think about that you just don’t have on your mind every day. Why would you? That’s what I do! The Enemies of Converting VHS to Digital First of all, is important to consider that Digitizing your VHS is more than just being able to watch your…

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VHS to DVD Denver

The #1 factor in getting a great digital capture for VHS to DVD is to “pack” the tape. This means getting the tension throughout the entire VHS tape to be uniform and tight. The way we do this is to fast forward each tape to the end and then rewind to the beginning. Sometimes twice. We have…

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