Is It Worth Converting Old Film To DVD? An Expert Answers

old film to dvd

Converting old film to DVDs (digital video disc) is something that more people are considering these days. Many households have boxes of old home movies they can’t watch anymore. Without a projector, viewing old films is impossible. Few people have functioning projectors anymore, and nobody knows anybody who does. Those old films will just keep…

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Unlock Your Memories When You Transfer Film To DVD

DVD conversion

When you transfer film to DVD, you can unlock your cherished memories of the past. Old movie films have a lot of sentimental value. What could be more emotional than re-watching footage of your wedding or your child’s first steps? Many of us store precious home movies in our basements, attics, and closets. However, old…

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Want to Convert Film to DVD? A Guide to Measuring the Footage

Are you looking for a way to convert film to a DVD so you can preserve precious family home movies? More of us are thinking about how we can keep old recordings and videotapes safe for future generations. A conversion company, such as Reborn, could be the answer you’ve been searching for. We can take…

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Is There A Way to Play My Old 8mm Camcorder Tapes?

Do you have a box of old 8mm camcorder tapes lying around the house? Are you wondering how to play them? It could be a challenge unless you happen to have some old hardware lying around the house, too. While there are adapters available on the market to play some video cassette formats, these don’t…

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When Should I Transfer My 16mm Film to DVD In Denver?

16mm Film to Digital

Digital technology has revolutionized the way in which we can capture and view home movies. In just a handful of years, technology left analog formats by the wayside. Now, digital reigns supreme. While this is exciting and convenient, it has rendered many collections of home movies obsolete. How are you going to watch the 16mm…

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How Can I Convert 8 Millimeter Film to DVD in Denver?

Developed in the 1920s, 8 millimeter film is a form of optical storage. It captures each motion picture frame on 8 millimeter film in negative form. In the past, the only way to view this footage was to use a projector. Users could then display the images on either a wall or a screen in…

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8mm Film to DVD

Capturing Every Frame Makes all the Difference Whether you convert 8mm Film to DVD or choose 8mm Film to Digital if you wish to preserve your memories, it is important to have a backup strategy.  There are several choices to confidently backup your digital investment: If you watch video on DVD, be sure to get a 2nd copy. Once…

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