Convert DVD to MP4? I Just Converted to DVD!!!

dvd to mp4

I KNOW! It seems like just a few weeks ago, you transferred all of your old VHS to Digital, Hi8 to mp4, and digitized all of my miniDV tapes. Now you want me to do it again! How long before I have to convert again? First – Why is it Important to Convert DVD to…

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Digitize DVD to MP4 – Are You Kidding Me?!

DVD conversion

Maybe you are one of the few who recorded directly to DVD, but most DVDs (home movies) are transfers from some kind of video tape or film – VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, miniDV, microMV, 8mm, 16mm, or some variation of these tapes. You have converted these at least once, and now DVDs are declining in popularity…

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8mm Film to DVD – DVD or Hard Drive

A customer this week has a few test cases of 8mm Film to DVD. First he wants to see how they come out as digital movies on his hard drive. Then he wants to convert the whole collection.  8mm Film to DVD is a great option, but with the volume of digital media today, 8mm Film to Digital can…

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