Well, Technically, VCR Can’t Be Converted to Digital!

VCR to Digital

I know, lots of folks call their tapes VCRs, but they just aren’t. VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder. It is a machine – a machine that records video onto a videotape. While the tapes could be called VCR tapes, it makes more sense to call the various tapes by their own name than by…

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How to Digitize a VHS Tape – or Part of One

So, you find yourself with some old VHS tapes, like 10’s of millions of other Americans. Kids birthdays, parent’s birthdays, graduations, first steps, vacations – the list goes on. It can be confusing and overwhelming for just about everybody.  VHS players haven’t been manufactured since 2016 (Forbes July 23, 2016). Every day there are fewer…

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Is It Time to Digitize Your VHS Collection?


If so, then there are a few things to think about that you just don’t have on your mind every day. Why would you? That’s what I do! The Enemies of Converting VHS to Digital First of all, is important to consider that Digitizing your VHS is more than just being able to watch your…

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Business Presentation Camcorder to DVD

720 204-5464 Preserving and Protecting Camcorder to DVD – the Very Best Times of Your Life! Have a business meeting, the video you need is on your video camera – and – the proprietary base is missing which will let you transfer it off of the camera! We don’t just Convert VHS to DVD, so we figured out…

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