Are Tapes Coming Back in Style? Or Should I Convert My Cassette Tape to CD in Denver?

In recent years, we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of old music formats. In the 1990s, vinyl was only the domain of elderly relatives. People were throwing away record players in droves and switching to CD players instead. Now, however, stores have started selling LPs again. The stores are also selling vinyl players in large numbers and a new generation is extolling their virtues. Will cassette tapes be the next big thing? If you have boxes of old mixed tapes, should you hold onto them? Or, is this format completely dead? If you’re wondering whether to convert your cassette tapes to CDs in Denver, it’s a valid question.

Cassettes – Once A Go-To

Not so long ago, cassettes were the top choice when you wanted to listen to your favorite hits. When you wanted the latest album from the biggest and best artists, you’d buy it on tape. Then, along came the CD and, then, the MP3 player, and suddenly tapes weren’t cool anymore. For a couple of decades, digital reigned supreme. iPods were everywhere and slowly but surely, cassette players disappeared. However, a few years ago, there was a sudden turnaround in the state of play. Vinyl made a comeback. Of course, the newer vinyl players are a distinct upgrade from their 1970s’ counterparts. Nevertheless, the pleasure of listening remains the same. Teenagers today enjoy listening to records of recent bands just as much as their parents did back in the day. So, will cassettes, too, make a resurgence in the immediate future?

Modern Artists Choosing The Cassette Format

Interestingly, some modern artists are now opting to release cassettes of their latest tracks. The resurgence is nothing compared with the scale of the vinyl resurrection, however. Only around 25 titles have sold more than a thousand copies on cassette, and that’s a pretty small number. One of the top-selling cassettes has been the soundtrack for “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Selling more than 4,000 copies, this soundtrack may even lie behind the recent move toward producing tapes again. Despite the renewed interest, it seems that tapes will remain a fun item for collectors. It’s expected that today’s big-name artists may produce tapes for newly released albums. However, they will be few and far between. Second- or third-tier performers are unlikely to begin releasing cassettes any time soon. After all, only a handful of people still have a tape player at home, so the market is pretty small.

Converting Your Tapes To CD

Do you have a box of your favorite cassette tapes at home? Then, you might want to think about transferring them to a more playable format. Tapes are an easily damaged format, and with few cassette players remaining, it is wise to look for an alternative. Here at Reborn, we specialize in converting cassette tapes to CDs in Denver. Contact our team today and find out more about how we can help you keep listening to your favorite albums.

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