Are Cassettes Back to Stay? Transfer Audio Tape to CD in Denver And Play Your Old Favorites!

Recently, vinyl has made a comeback to the great joy of fans of this playback format. Now, however, it seems as though cassettes are the next big thing. Tape sales are currently only accounting for 1 percent of albums sold. Yet, with every year, the number of sales is increasing, and the market is seeing unexpected growth. For all those who took great pride in their cassette collections, this is great news. However, what do you do if your cassette player has long since been relegated to the landfill? The answer lies in our ability to transfer audio tape to CD in Denver.

The History of Cassettes

At one time, audio cassettes were the top format in which people could buy music. In the 1980s, cassettes outsold vinyl LPs and CDs. Tapes were popular because people could easily play them virtually anywhere. Unlike a record or CD, you could play tapes on the move thanks to car stereos and the Walkman. Also, tapes were more resilient than a vinyl record.

Cassettes were also more affordable. In the last two decades of the 20th century, they cost around half a CD version of the album. It was only in the late 90s that cassettes began to fall out of fashion. The arrival of the Discman meant it was possible to play CDs wherever you went. Then, when MP3 players arrived, that seemed to doom the life of the audio tape.

Why Are Cassettes Being Revived Now?

It’s come as a surprise to many people that cassette sales have seen an upturn. While there has always been an underlying passion for records, it was long assumed people wouldn’t miss tapes.

Audio cassettes don’t have the same quality of sound as a vinyl record. They also lack the perfection and clarity of a digital format. However, what they have in spades is nostalgic value. Most of us went through our adolescence playing cassettes.

Although streaming services and MP3 files are convenient, people like to touch and hold things. When you hold a cassette tape and admire its artwork, it’s often equally important as the music itself.

In 2017 alone, people purchased around 20,000 audio tapes –- double the amount sold during the previous year. A primary drive behind these increased sales could be the “Guardians of The Galaxy” movie. Starlord’s mixed tapes, which he played on a Walkman, introduced a new generation to cassettes.

Some 1980’s albums were even released on audio tape in 2017. Blondie, Morrissey, The Charlatans, and Kasabian all chose this format. Expect many more artists to follow. The Manic Street Preachers announced they will be using the format in the future.

Converting Audio Tape to CD in Denver

While it’s great that audio tapes are becoming popular again, it raises practical issues. Not everybody still has his or her own 1980s tape recorder. So, how are you going to listen to your favorite albums?

The answer is to use a service that can convert audio tape to CD in Denver. Reborn can transfer all your favorite cassettes to the more accessible CD format. You’ll soon be listening to all your old favorites!

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