8mm Film to DVD – the equipment makes all the difference

Both hardware and software determine the quality of your film conversion

The film conversion equipment used – both hardware and softwar – make all the difference between a quality conversion and just another conversion when converting 8mm film to DVD or (8mm film to hard drive).

Hardware – the hardware must include the latest technology to scan frame by frame, have automatic lighting capability, and adequate resolution. Just like when the film was projected on a screen, it was frame by frame – the same is true for a good conversion. With automatic lighting adjustment, dark film actually comes out better than the original when converted. Sometimes it is a slight improvement, sometimes it is dramatic, depending on how much light and exposure the scanners have to work with.

Software – this critical component is often overlooked, but having the right process for a captured video is imperitive. Once every frame has been captured, the ability to merg this into a digital video file is key, blending frames where needed, correcting color and light as appropriate, and creating a form and resolution that make the most sense for your needs. Only professional level tools can do this the way it should be done.

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James Nordby