8mm Film to Digital

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Videotape to Digital, including VHS to Digital, and Cassette to Digital among other conversions – have become common over the past 5 years. 8mm Film to Digital is starting to catch up – even if it has been converted to DVD in the past. 

Converting 8mm Film to Digital is a very different process than videotape – mostly because it is a visual process, not a magnetic process. As such, scanning as much of the film as possible with good scanning equipment as possible is the key to a great digital experience. 

In fact, a complete scan of every frame is critical. Once this is done, then color correction, contrast adjustment, and finally compiling into a great video – create a great video of your old films. 

Many people ask if we can covert old VHS tapes that were made from the old 8mm film and 16mm film. The answer is Yes! but the technology has changed dramatically since then, so converting from the original will create the best digital video now.

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James Nordby