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Reborn Audio/Video Specializes in Digital Conversion

Convert videotape from all camcorders, VHS tapes, film, records, and cassettes. Don’t forget that we also scan negatives to DVD as well as photos and slides. We even convert video from iPhones and USBs to DVD for the grandparents.

8 millimeter Film to DVD – Done Correctly in Denver

  1. Film must be cared for properly and the transfer done correctly in order for your home movies to look their very best. 
  2. Every foot of an 8mm film to DVD project is thoroughly cleaned using microfiber cleaning cloths and antistatic cleaner designed specifically to clean 8 millimeter film. 
  3. Every frame of film is captured. Don’t be fooled by projector-based capture. Every frame is needed for a quality transfer from film to digital.
  4. Film color fades over time and most film was originally taken by amateurs. Both lighting and exposure can be improved with the right equipment. Insist on color and exposure correction to be included in the price that you pay – not an extra. 
  5. Blank spots, header and trailer footage is edited out for a clean digital video. 
  6. Basic menus are included
  7. You choose between the basic SD or upgrad to HD video. 

8mm Film transfer equipment for DVD

  • Safety – you don’t want to risk damage to your film – there is no backup! Today’s best film transfer equipment uses no sprockets, claws or pinch rollers that could damage film.
  • Quality – scanning every frame insures the integrity of your film while producing the optimal video. 
  • Video Clarity – Cutting edge solid state scanning equipment insures the truest capture of your film. 

 8mm Film to DVD pricing

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