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     Convert videotape from all camcorders, VHS tapes, film, records, and cassettes. Don't forget that we also scan negatives to DVD as well as photos and slides. We even convert video from iPhones and USBs to DVD for the grandparents.

8 millimeter Film to DVD - Done Correctly in Denver

  1. Film must be cared for properly and the transfer done correctly in order for your home movies to look their very best. 
  2. Every foot of an 8mm film to DVD project is thoroughly cleaned using microfiber cleaning cloths and antistatic cleaner designed specifically to clean 8 millimeter film. 
  3. Every frame of film is captured. Don’t be fooled by projector-based capture. Every frame is needed for a quality transfer from film to digital.
  4. Film color fades over time and most film was originally taken by amateurs. Both lighting and exposure can be improved with the right equipment. Insist on color and exposure correction to be included in the price that you pay - not an extra. 
  5. Blank spots, header and trailer footage is edited out for a clean digital video. 
  6. Basic menus are included
  7. You choose between the basic SD or upgrad to HD video. 

8mm Film transfer equipment for DVD

  • Safety – you don’t want to risk damage to your film – there is no backup! Today's best film transfer equipment uses no sprockets, claws or pinch rollers that could damage film.
  • Quality – scanning every frame insures the integrity of your film while producing the optimal video. 
  • Video Clarity - Cutting edge solid state scanning equipment insures the truest capture of your film. 

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Is There A Way to Play My Old 8mm Camcorder Tapes?

By Jamey Nordby - September 29, 2019

Do you have a box of old 8mm camcorder tapes lying around the house? Are you wondering how to play them? It could be a challenge unless you happen to have some old hardware lying around the house, too. While there are adapters available on the market to play some video cassette formats, these don’t exist for 8mm film. That means you need a tape player or camcorder capable of playing 8mm tapes. There aren’t many of those still around. If you don’t happen to have one, however, there’s another solution. It’s possible to convert 8-millimeter film to DVD.

The Popularity of 8mm Tapes

During their heyday, 8mm tapes, such as the Hi8 and Video8, were perfect for recording key moments in families’ lives. From weddings and celebrations to family vacations, they were the ideal way to preserve memories. The tapes were compact and light so they could fit inside a handheld video recorder. This was a great improvement over the shoulder-mounted bulky camcorders that VHS tapes required. As a result, millions of people switched to those small tapes.

The Playback Problem

Unfortunately, this led to a problem in the long term. It wasn’t as easy to play an 8mm videotape at home as a VHS tape. This was because most homes had a VCR that could play VHS tapes. Even the smaller VHS-C tape came with an adapter for use in a standard machine. Sadly, there was nothing similar for use with 8mm tapes.

People could watch 8mm tapes by hooking the camcorder up to a TV with an RCA cable. This allowed viewers to watch the footage that they’d filmed on their home TV screens. While this was fine back in the day, most people didn’t keep their old camcorders. That means that watching those old home movies can seem impossible. If you have a box of old recordings, you probably don’t even know what’s on them. Your entire collection is, essentially, rendered useless if you don’t have a camcorder available to play them.

How Can I Watch Old Tapes?

Since there’s no adapter available for 8mm tape, you must find another solution. You could always trawl through eBay and Craigslist looking for an old camcorder for sale that supports your tape format. This can be a challenge in itself. It’s even difficult to know which type of 8mm tape your camcorder used just by looking. That means you could end up buying the wrong type of camcorder that can’t play your tapes at all. Alternatively, you could look for a standalone tape deck that is capable of playing them. These, too, are hard to find. They’re also expensive to buy.

There is, however, another more affordable and more convenient option. You can convert 8-millimeter film to DVD. Here at Reborn, we specialize in transferring old videos to new, modern formats. Our team can identify your tape type and transfer it for you. With our help, you can finally enjoy those old tapes and relive those happy memories.

Convert miniDV Videotape to Digital

Convert miniDV to mp4, mov, avi

By Jamey Nordby - September 12, 2018

Like everybody else, you want to watch your videos again!

Fortunately, videotape to digital, videotape to dvd, specifically miniDV to Digital are all available and affordable!

This hi quality videocamera tape has superior quality to its predecessors VHS, VHS-C, and HI8. You can expect a very high quality in most cases that can be shared on the cloud via Youtube, Dropbox, etc. You can also use external hard drives and USB sticks depending on your needs. 

Hi quality playback equipment is critical in order to produce the best quality in your digital video. The professional DV player decks are the best options.


miniDV to Digital

videotape to digital is the most flexible option for today's video

By Jamey Nordby - August 1, 2018

MiniDV is a great video format. It is high quality, small format and easily convertible to digital. Digital, as opposed to DVD, gives you the most flexibility to play on multiple computer platforms, backup to hard drives or cloud services, and share easily with friends. 

When it is time to convert miniDV to dgitial - choose a format that works best - and longest.