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VHS to Digital / Videotape to Digital

Convert VHS to Digital, 8mm Film to Digital,  Scan Slides to Digital, and all videotape to Digital at Reborn Audio Video, your one stop shop for all digital conversion. Whether you need archival quality digital conversion of your videotape, or want to load it to the Net, Reborn Audio Video is the answer – and it never leaves our shop on Colorado Blvd.

Choose between Quicktime, AVI, .mp4, or any of today's popular video formats.

Digital files are delivered via external hard drive, USB drive, or even via the cloud. 


Reborn Audio Video supports all forms of VHS to Digital conversion

Reborn Audio Video converts VHS to Digital in all of its forms, including:

  • Super VHS to Digital (SVHS)
  • VHS Extended Play to Digital
  • VHS Long Play to Digital
  • VHS Standard Play to Digital (this is the “regular” VHS format)
  • VHS–C to Digital (click here to see the VHS-C page)

How much does it cost to transfer VHS to Digital?

  1. Call (720 204-5464) for a personal quote today (including volume discounts) 
  2. Just drop by our store
  3. Click here to see the Videotape to DVD Pricing Schedule

8mm Film to DVD

Capturing Every Frame Makes all the Difference

By Jamey Nordby - January 6, 2018

Whether you convert 8mm Film to DVD or choose 8mm Film to Digital if you wish to preserve your memories, it is important to have a backup strategy. 

There are several choices to confidently backup your digital investment:
  1. If you watch video on DVD, be sure to get a 2nd copy. Once the conversion work is done, the copies are cheap. Watch one copy, and save the other in a safe place.
  2. If you watch your video via digital files on computer, apple TV, etc. then keep multiple copies. Separate external hard drives, USB drives, multiple computers, and Cloud are all good backup methods.
The investment in Film to DVD or Film to Digital conversion is significant. Backing up your investment is very cheap insurance.

The same is true, of course for 16mm Film to DVD and 16mm Film to Digital, as well as VHS to DVD and VHS to Digital.